Insurance: Geneva Right Bank

Financial Partners SA
Company specialising in financial asset management and insurance advisors company, private provisions also available. At 93 rue de la Servette, 1202 Geneve.
Insurance broking company. At 6 rue Abraham-Gevray, 1201 Geneve.
OMNI Assurances et Credits SA
Agency providing funding, personal credit and insurance for individuals and enterprises. At 1-3 rue de Chantepoulet, 1201 Geneve.
Insurance company providing several plans such as life insurance, business insurance, social insurance and contributory sickness fund. At 45 Place du Lignon, 1219 Le Lignon.
AXA Art Assurance SA
Insurance for work of art. At 89-91 rue de Lyon, 1203 Geneve.
Finassur Group SA
Insurance company and consultant in several fields such as investment income, taxation, investments, credits and juridical. At 14 rue Benjamin Soullier, 1202 Geneve.
MJ Assurances
Insurance broker providing many services such as insurance coverage for enterprises and individuals. At 15 rue de Saint-Jean, 1203 Geneve.
AD Swiss Shipbrokers Sarl
Company offering insurance brokerage services located in Geneva. At 7 Avenue dAire, 1203 Geneva.
Zurich Switzerland
Offers insurance services in the areas of - car, household, travel, personal liability, accident, illness, retirement - pension and investment, housing and construction. Prepares damage report too. At 12 Rue François-Peyrot, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex.
AZ Fidu Holding SA / FiduSynergie SA
Specialised in expat relocation services, health, medical insurance and mutuelle working with many well known insurance companies and real estate agents. At 37 rue de Lausanne, 1201 Geneva.
Leman Risco SA
Offers the combined advantages of an expert consultant, a professional intermediary for markets and insurance policies manager. At 5 Avenue de Chatelaine, 1203 Geneva.
UIB Insurance Brokers SA
Company providing consulting and broking services in the reinsurance and insurance field. At 29 route de Pre-Bois, 1215 Geneve.
Agence generale Laurent Ischi
Multilingual insurance brokers offering house, vehicle and life insurance and other personal financial services for businesses and individuals. At 8C, avenue de Champel, 1206 Geneva.
Agency offering services such as credit insurance and risk management. At 29 route de lAeroport, P.O. Box 351, 1215 Geneve.
Aon Consulting SA
Company providing broking services, pension fund advice and insurance advisors. At 123 route de Meyrin, 1219 Chatelaine.
Kolping SA
Health insurance and contributory sickness fund. At 3 Rampe de la Gare, CP 507, 1290 Versoix.
Zurich Financial Services
Overall insurance advice and solution provider to private individuals and businesses: car, household, building insurance solutions, legal protection, life insurance and investment solutions as part of the three Swiss pillars, mortgage providers.
Generali Suisse
A life and non-life insurance company as well as fund management company offering insurance and pension solutions of all lifes phases. At ICC, 20 Route de Pre-Bois, 1215 Geneva 15.
Neos Suisse Sarl
Investment consultant and also specialised in sales, savings and provisions. At 4 Chemin des Eglantines, 1219 Chatelaine.
Alvarez & Associes
Business and risk management consultant for enterprises and individuals. At 5 chemin De-Maisonneuve, 1219 Chatelaine.
Areas SA
A service company specialized in the optimization and management of insurance portfolios for SMEs and their managers. At 16 Rue Philippe-Plantamour, 1201 Geneva.
Allianz - Frederic Mauron
Insurance company providing a range of insurance policies and consulting services to individuals and companies. At 19 Chemin Louis-Dunant, 1200 Geneve.
Allianz - Yvon Voland
Insurance company providing insurance policies for entreprises and individuals in all fields. At 80 Rue de Lausanne, 1202 Geneva.
Firstcaution SA
Insurance company providing coverage for renting of houses, commercial building and bail. At 65 Chemin de lEtang, 1219 Chatelaine.
Best Insurance
Insurance broker company for health, life, car and house insurance. Based in Geneva.
ACF Services SA
Credit and financing institution. At 1-3 rue de Chantepoulet, 1201 Geneve.