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Offer wide range of personalized legal services to the businesses, individuals and other organisations. Areas of expertise are: corporate law, migration law, tax law, contract law, labor law and provides legal support for expats in Switzerland.....
English Wills and Probate Switzerland - EWPS
Provides private client legal services to UK born expats living in Switzerland. Includes – will writing, estate planning and succession, probate and estate administration, powers of attorney, advice on trusts and deeds of variation, elder care. At 1934 Br...
Croce & Associates
Family law firm with a focus on commercial, financial and business law. At Rue des Alpes 7, 1201 Geneva.
BRH Partners LLC
Law firm for taxation and financial legal advice. English, French and German spoken. At Rue des Bains 35, 1205 Geneva.
Perreard de Boccard
One of the oldest law firms in Geneva operating in a wide range of practice areas from finance, arbitration, civil to real estate law.At 29 Rue de la Couluvreniere, 1204 Geneva.
International independent law firm with offices in Geneva, Zurich and Doha. At 35, Rue de la Mairie, P.O. Box 6569, 1211 Geneva 6.
Gillioz Dorsaz & Associates
Law firm with offices in Geneva and Hong Kong offering legal advice in a wide range of practice areas to corporate and individual clients. At Rue du Général-Dufour 11, 1204 Geneva.
Gros & Waltenspuehl
Law firm which specialises in assisting Swiss and international clients in matters of business and Swiss law. At 9 rue Beauregard, 1204 Geneva.
International law firm specialising in patents, trademarks and intellectual property. At 14 Rue du Rhône, 1204 Geneva.
Bianchi Schwald
Law firm with offices in Geneva, Zurich. Lausanne and Bern specialising in all aspects of business law. At 5, rue Jacques-Balmat P.O. Box 5839 CH-1211 Geneva 11.
Tavernier Tschanz
Corporate law firm. Practice areas include finance, tax, mergers and acquisitions. At 11-bis, rue Toepffer, 1206 Geneva.
Established Swiss law firm operating in a wide range of practice areas. Offices in Zurich and Geneva. At Cours de Rive 13, 1204 Geneva.
Ador Avocats
International Swiss/US/Canadian law firm covering a variety of fields including family, business, employment, real estate and taxation law. At 44, Avenue Krieg, P.O. Box 445, 1211 Geneva 1.
Anne Reiser
Independent law firm offering a range of services from family and matrimonial property law to corporate law, estate planning and trusts. Office hours Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00. At 11, rue de Candolle, 1205 Geneva.
Fontanet and Associates
Independent law firm which specialises in corporate relocation to Switzerland. At 25, Grand-Rue, Case Postale 3200, CH 1211 Geneva 3.
Legal practice specialising in business and sports law. At 3, rue Michel-Chauvet, 1208 Geneva.
Keppeler & Associates
General independent law firm for corporate and individual legal affairs. At 15 rue Ferdinand-Hodler, 1207 Geneva. 
Patent and trademark lawyers. English, French, Japanese, Korean and Chinese spoken. At Rue des Epinettes 19, 1227 Geneva.