Magazines, Newspapers & Radio

Know-it-all Passport
English-language guide to Geneva, Vaud and neighbouring France for long-term residents and newcomers alike. Over 40 chapters of facts, figures, cultural tips, addresses and general information for everyone. See website for sales outlets.
Radio Cite
Radio broadcasting live on 92.2 FM. At 2bis Rue Baylon, 1227 Carouge.
Online magazine information on whats on and whats new for children in Geneva and Lausanne: theatre, movies, exhibitions, books, DVD, sport and cultural activities.
Daily newspaper and magazine dedicated to economy and technology. At 49 Route des Jeunes, 1227 Carouge.
English-language radio station for the Lake Geneva region, featuring music and chat, local, national and international news, local Whats On info, and the BBC World Service. Available online at, via mobile phone Apps & DAB .
Croque Loisirs
Bilingual quarterly publication with calendar of events and activities for children and families in Geneva and neighbouring France. Distributed free of charge in Geneva and surrounds.
The New Stork Times
Parenting magazine for international parents living in Switzerland. Provides information on current parenting topics, health, education and language issues. Also lists playgroups and events in Switzerland. Available by subscription.
Couleur 3-RSR 3
Radio broadcasting live on 104.4 Mhz. At 40 Avenue du Temple, 1010 Lausanne.
Radio Mix24
Live broadcast on 94.6. Music includes Latino, pop/rock and jazz. At 72 Rue de Lausanne, 1202 Geneva.
Daily newspaper and magazine dedicated to Swiss economy and finance. At 17 Rue de Geneve, 1003 Lausanne.
Geneva Times
Geneva Times is the independent, general-information, magazine for English speakers in the Swiss Romand. Bimonthly, online and in print, the GT covers political, social and cultural news and events of interest to the local expatriate community.
Mothering Matters
Bi-monthly journal in English for parents in Switzerland. Treats issues such as health, education, travel, bilingualism and child development.
Swiss News
National English newspaper focusing on Swiss news and events, but from an expatriates perspective. Appears monthly.
French Accent Magazine
Monthly bilingual French/English online and audio magazine aimed at expatriates in France and French students.
Le Temps
Newspaper focusing on Swiss and international news. At 3 Place de Cornavin, 1201 Geneva.
Radio Lac
Radio with a wide range of program including Yes Morning, lAfterwork and many more. At 12 Route des Jeunes, 1227 Carouge.
Swiss Style
Magazine providing information on services, products and events for the anglophone population in Switzerland. Offices at 15, quai du Cheval-Blanc, 1227 Acacias.
Solidaire vers un developpement
Magazine covering many subjects including Swiss corporations, banks and governement. At 52 Rue de Geneve, 1004 Lausanne.
LInformation Immobiliere
Newspaper providing news and advertisements on real estate. At 36 Route de Chene, 1208 Geneva.
Radio One FM
Live broadcast on 107 FM. A wide range of program is available. At 33 Rue des Bains, 1205 Geneva.
De Zeen
Online specialist magazine for architecture in Switzerland featuring articles on the latest in architectural innovation.
Online magazine subscriptions service for over 400 UK magazines covering a wide range of interests. Order the subscriptions online for direct delivery in over 250 countries worldwide.
NRJ Leman
Radio broadcasting live on 103.6 Mhz. At 7 Rue du Valais, 1202 Geneva.
le News
Weekly free local English language newspaper for English-speakers living and visiting the Arc lémanique. Local and national happenings, new coverage and a series of topical editions are covered on weekly basis.
Sur la Terre SA
A network of lifestyle city magazines. Offers both international and local contents in every magazine. At 49 Route des Jeunes, 1227 Carouge.
Le journal Immorama
The newspaper focuses on developments in the real-estate market proper. At 36 Route de Chene, 1208 Geneva.
Radio 74
Bilingual English French FM radio broadcasting station, operating 24/7. An educational radio network, oriented towards news and serious topics. For frequencies see the website.
GHI Geneve Home Informations
Newspaper focusing on Swiss news. At 22 Avenue du Mail, 1205 Geneva.
Opium du Peuple
Newspaper dedicated to the communist party of Switzerland. At 10 Rue Fendt, 1201 Geneva.
Le Democrate Chretien
Magazine dedicated to the Christian democracy. At 9 Rue Charles-Humbert, 1205 Geneva.
Newspaper dedicated to politics. At 18 Rue Dancet, 1205 Geneva.
Hello Switzerland AG
Written by expats for expats living in Switzerland. Designed mainly for English speakers, the magazine and website contain features, articles and information to help expats feel at home in Switzerland.