Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Chiropractors

Physiocare Nyon
Physiotherapy firm based in Nyon specialized in manual therapy. At 5 Chemin Falconnier, 1260 Nyon.
Physio Geneva
Association representing physiotherapists through Geneva. They help to improve physical condition by restoring normal body functions. At 1202 Geneva.
Geneva Osteopath
Osteopath service available daily 24/7. Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 at normal tariffs, weekends and public holidays 08:00 to 18:00 at normal tariff plus supplement, Monday to Sunday after 20:00 (prices on request). 
Clinique de Longeraie
Orthopaedic surgery, micro-surgery, aesthetic surgery, permanent day and night emergency service, physiotherapy and ergotherapy. 9 avenue de la Gare, 1003 Lausanne.
Pure Clinic Centre médical de Versoix
Providing general and internal medicine, gynaecology, pediatrics, cardiology, urology, physiotherapy, radiology, others. English speaking. Children friendly environment. Grand-Montfleury 54, 1290 Versoix. 7/7 Emergency 0800.800.750
Christophe Rolli
Osteopath and official member of the Geneva Canton Osteopaths. Practice at rue de la Rôtisserie 8, 1204 Geneva.
Physiotherapy La Tour
Physiotherapy department of La Tour hospital offering treatment to adults and children for all forms of rehabilitation (traumatology, neurology, orthopaedics, post surgical and neonatal care). Also treatment for sports injuries. 
Policlinique Osteopathique
Osteopath polyclinic treating adults and children. Emergencies (best to call first) or with appointment. Open 24h/7. At 1 Route des Monts-de-Lavaux, 1092 Belmont/Lausanne.
The English Osteopaths
British osteopaths offering treatments for sports injuries, muscle and tendon pulls, ligament strains, back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches and joint pain. At 28 rue de Geneve, 1225 Chene-Bourg.
Medical and Surgical centre la Combe Nyon SA
Multiple services in general medicine, surgery, gynaecologists, dermatologist, cosmetic surgery at CMC center Nyon. Located at 6 Avenue Reverdil, 1260 Nyon.
Philippe Trefi
Physiotherapist/manual therapist offering consultations in English and French. At Avenue Calas, 1 1206 Geneva.
Rehabilitation centre using ultrasound and electrotehrapy for treatments. At 1 rue Emile-Yung, 1205 Geneve.
Osteopath and craniosacral therapist, fluent in English and French, as well as basic Spanish. Treatment in the center of Geneva, at rue du Mont Blanc.
The Healthy Essence
CRANIOSACRAL Therapy, RECONNECTIVE Healing and REIKI - gentle solutions for Acute or Chronic Pain, Stress or Illness, Migraine, Joint disorders, Postural imbalances, Digestive and Psycho-somatic conditions, Burnout effect etc. Grand Saconnex practice
Occupational Therapy
Rehabilitation services for children and adults, by fully qualified, English-speaking occupational therapist. Centre dergotherapie Les Toises, 5 chemin du Signal, 1296 Coppet.
Dr PetitJean Patrick
Specialized in Osteopathy treatment. Located at Medical Centre of Cressy, 99 Route de Loex, 1232 Confignon.
Therapie de la Tourelle
All types of massages, life coaching techniques and naturopathy. Courses in yoga, Pilates, meditation, tai chi. Consultations for acupuncture, kinesiology, osteopathy, reflexology, physiotherapy. At 2-4 chemin de la Tourelle, 1209 Petit-Saconnex.
Federation Suisse des Osteopathes
Association representing osteopathic physicians of Switzerland. Protects and promotes the rights of osteopathic physicians. At Rue de Geneve, CP 1215, 1001 Lausanne.
Dr Sandrine Muller
Specialized in Osteopathy treatment. Located at Medical Centre of Cressy, 99 Route de Loex, 1232 Confignon.
Centre I.T.S. Osteopathy
Mathias Laubli qualified from the British School of Osteopathy, London. Speaks English, French and German. At the I.T.S. Centre, 4 rue de la Banque, 1700 Fribourg.
Ristic Angelica at Nexus Therapies
Ortho-bionomy® and Soatherapy will help you for : Tensions and muscular pains, Phobias, Anxiety, Functional troubles, traumas, Pregnancy. Member of A.S.O.B, agreed ASCA. At 39 Route de Colovrex, 1218 Grand Saconnex.
Ayurvedic treatment, massage, therapy and consultation for a range of symptoms. Consultation by appointment. At 4 Rue Terreaux-du-temple, 1201 Geneva.
Mr Simon Pidancet
Physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture consultant. Specializes in sports medicine in collaboration with UOTS. Centre supports disabled. At Medical Centre of Cressy, 99 Route de Loex, 1232 Confignon.
Physio-Centre de Champs Fréchets
Wellness centre providing a range of services such as physiotherapy, oesteopathy, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, rehabilitation, massage and coaching. At 47 Rue des Lattes, 1217 Meyrin.
Espace Le Bien et lEtre
Provides personal coaching services, kinesiology, health and sports massage and osteopathy. At 3 Rue de la Muse, 1205 Geneve.
Physiotherapie Osteopathie Servette
Osteopathic physiotherapy practice in Geneva Servette, by osteopathe D.O. dipl. CDS-GDK and certified physiotherapist.  At 67 rue de la Servette, 1202 Geneva.  
Atmos Geneva - Andreas Procacci
Natural healer and bone setter specialized in therapeutic, energetic, sports and relaxing massages, also practices osteopathy, reflexology. Helps to reduce all types of pain. English speaking. At 36 Rue du Mole, 1201 Geneva.
Cabinet 22
Therapy and movement centre providing treatments and care including physiotherapy, kinesiology, massage, Shiatsu, pre- and post-natal treatments, slimming programmes as well as yoga, dance and gymnastics classes. At 22 Rue Saint-Leger, 1204 Geneva.
Physio Tonic
Australian physiotherapist, specializing in the treatment of sports injury rehab, postural reeducation, chronic and acute back pain. Children and adults welcome. Home based cabinet with flexible hours. At 11 Chemin de la Cheneau, 1276 Gingins.
Pedro Ribeiro
Certified physiotherapist and osteopath. Expertise with different massages. Speak English. House calls in the Geneva area, equipped with a mobile portable treatment bed.
BalexSport Physiotherapie
Provides physiotherapy treatment, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a condition with physical methods. English spoken. At 95A Avenue de Chatelaine, CP 370, 1219 Chatelaine.
Espace Physio Sante
Health center offering medical services such as physiotherapy and alternative medecine. At 12 Route des Jeunes, 1227 Carouge.
Physio-Fit Versoix
Physiotherapy centre with an osteopath, acupuncturist and a fitness coach. Also includes a heated swimming pool. At 6 chemin de lAncien-peage, 1290 Versoix.