Private Banking: Geneva Left Bank

Wegelin & Co. Banquiers Prives
Specialises in asset management for private and institutional clients. At 5 boulevard Georges-Favon, 1204 Geneve.
Bordier & Cie
Bordier & Cie - Wealth management, private bankers, portfolio management and much more since 1844. Visit the website for more information about the services. Located at 16 rue de Hollande, 1204 Geneve.
T3 Risk Management SA
Independent Swiss asset manager with a primary focus on preserving wealth. Discretionary investment management, wealth structuring, international tax advice, IT and physical security risk assessments.
Neri Gestion SA
Specialists in asset, wealth management and finanacial consulting services. At 1 Rue du Purgatoire, 1204 Geneva.
Banque Paris Bertrand Sturdza SA
A secure private bank to cater for the requirements of large family fortunes, institutional investors and wealth management services. Located at 19 Rue de Candolle, 1211 Geneva 12.
Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild SA
Private bank and wealth management company. At 18 rue de Hesse, 1204 Geneve.
Societe Generale Personal Banking (Suisse) SA
Private bank providing services such as investment management, regulated financial intermediaries, wealth planning and fiduciary services. At 8 Boulevard Georges-Favon, 1204 Geneva.
Mourgue dAlgue & Cie
Private banking company. At 5 rue de la Fontaine, 1204 Geneve.
Leumi Private Bank SA
A full service private banking institution operating according to Swiss regulations.At 80 rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneve.
Generation Alfa SA
Company specialising in advisor, discretionary management, portfolio construction, portfolio consolidation methodology, portfolio structure optimization and risk management. At 11 Cours de Rive, 1204 Geneva.
Delen (Suisse) SA
Specialist in asset management, and in particular private asset management. Stock broker engaged in wealth management as well. At 12 Rue de Hollande, 1204 Geneva.
RTS Geneva SA
A global private banking and trust business providing services such as wealth structuring, investment management, banking and trust. At 21 Rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneva.
RAM Capital SA
An independent financial wealth management firm base in Geneva. Provides specialised in-house management and risk management solutions. At 11 Rue Versonnex, 1207 Geneva.
Bank of China (Suisse) SA
Provides asset management services and a wide expertise with a strong focus on Asia. At 3 rue du General-Dufour, 1204 Geneve.
Voltaire Group SA
Portfolio management and investment advisory services, risk analysis on investment portfolios and consulting services in finance. At 65 rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneva.
Schroder & Co Banque SA
A global asset management and private banking company.At 8 rue dItalie, 1204 Geneve.
TAMSA Tactical Asset Management SA
Company specialising in asset management. Offers tailored solutions to individuals and companies. At 16 Promenade de Saint-Antoine, 1204 Geneva.
Arab (Switzerland) Ltd.
Bank offering services such as private banking, wealth management, financial planning, family and trust services as well as advisory services. At 10-12 place de Longemalle, 1204 Geneve.
Banque CIC (Suisse) SA
Bank providing asset management services and tailor-made financial solutions with expert. At 29 avenue de Champel, 1206 Geneve.
An institution that specialises in asset management and related services for private and institutional clients. At 8 boulevard du Theatre, 1204 Geneve.
Agefor SA
Activitely focuses on the management of assets on behalf of a range of clients including private individuals, trusts, funds, foundations and institutions. At 100 Rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneva.
Banque Cramer & Cie SA
Bank specialised in wealth management and investment advice. Also offers clients a bespoke financial service covering a range of products. At 22 avenue de Miremont, 1206 Geneve.
Bedell Group
a leading offshore based provider of legal and fiduciary services with a network of offices in key financial centres. At 16 Rue de la Pelisserie, 1204 Geneve.
De Pury Pictet Turrettini & Cie SA
Company offering asset management and estate advisory as well as family office services. At 12 Rue de la Corraterie, 1204 Geneva.
Banque Profil de Gestion
Specialises in Private Banking and has a strong foothold in Capital Markets. At 11 cours de Rive, 1204 Geneve.
CBA Asset Management SA
Asset management company offering tailored services in asset management and patrimonial engineering. At 8 Rue Bovy-Lysberg, 1204 Geneva.
Falcon Private Bank Ltd
A leading provider of wealth management solutions for a sophisticated clientele. At 9-11 rue du Prince, 1204 Geneve.
Bank Audi (Suisse) SA
Private banking company offering personalised banking services to high net worth clients, with access to all major securities, foreign exchange and money markets worldwide. At 18 cours de Bastions, 1205 Geneve.
A-Venture Capital SA
A-Venture Capital SA. Asset and wealth management, private equity company. At 11 rue du General Dufourd, 1024 Geneva.
Lloyds TSB Bank Plc - Geneva branch
Specialists in Private Banking and Wealth Management Solutions for over 90 years, Lloyds TSB International Private Banking provide a personalised service to clients around the globe. At 1 Place Bel Air, 1211 Geneva 11.
Axyas Partners SA
Company providing global financial services including portfolio management, wealth and estate planning and family office. At 20 Rue du Marche, 1211 Geneva 3.
Arkion SA
An independant service provider for families entities and individuals specialised in planning, optimising, structuring and managing wealth. At 20 Rue Adrien-Lachenal, 1207 Geneva.
Royal Bank of Canada
International private banking and wealth management solutions including investment management, estate planning and trusts. 6 Rue Diday, 1211 Geneva.
Proginvest SA
Company providing asset management solutions and financial consulting services. At 100 Rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneva.
Sinara Capital Management SA
Company providing private wealth management and family services. Offers customized financial strategies and services. At 2 Boulevard du Theatre, 1204 Geneva.
Royal Bank of Canada (Suisse) SA
Provides private banking and wealth management services in Geneva. At 6 rue Francois-Diday, 1204 Geneve.
S.F.P Asset Management SA
Company specialising in asset management, financial and tax advice, wealth management, expertise in all financial products, risk control and financial analysis. At 20 Quai Gustave Ador, 1207 Geneva.
Credit Agricole (Suisse) SA
Wealth management, private banking services for private, institutional and corporate clients with a range of innovative products and solutions, authorized by FINMA. Located at 4 quai General Guisan, 1204 Geneva.
BDG Banque de Depots et de Gestion
Private banking company. Also active in the fields of residential mortgage lending, savings as well as all other standard banking operations. At 26 rue De-Candolle, 1205 Geneve.
Syz & Co
Private banking and asset management. Advice on investment funds and alternative investments. At 30 rue du Rhone, 1211 Geneva.
SG Private Banking
Private bank providing wealth management services for family, business, finances and real estate. At 6 Rue de la Corraterie, 1211 Geneva.
1875 Finance SA
The firm specializes in private wealth management and Multi-Family Office services. At 22 Rue de Villereuse, 1207 Geneva.
Picard Angst Produits Financiers SA
An independent provide of asset management. Services include the administratin of in-house investment funds as well as management of special mandates. At 19 Rue de la Croix-dOr, 1204 Geneva.
IAM Independent Asset Management SA
a company specialized in the discretionary management of different types of portfolios (balanced OPP2-type portfolios, Swiss equity portfolios & foreign equity portfolios) & investment funds. At 15 Rue de la Confederation, 1204 Geneva.
Reyl Bank
Private banking and asset management specialists. Services include wealth management, asset management, corporate advisory and family office. At 62 rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneve.
Athenea Global Management SA
An independent asset management company that offers its services and expertise to private clients. At 18 Chemin du Velours, 1231 Conches.
Blom Bank (Switzerland) SA
Private bank protecting clients assets through their financial strenght and offering conservative and proven investments. At 1 Rue de la Rotisserie, 1204 Geneva.
Helios Capital SA
Company specialising asset management and financial consulting services. Provides a wide range of services for individuals and companies. At 8 Rue de Rive, 1204 Geneva.
An independent private asset management company specialising in risk management. At 12 Quai de la Poste, 1204 Geneva.
Banque Heritage
Bank offering several services such as wealth management, wealth planning solutions, external asset managers, portfolio management, investment products, alternative investments and corporate advisory.At 61 route de Chene, PO Box 6600, 1211 Geneve 6.
Cite Gestion SA
A securities trading company which manages, advises and administers the wealth of its private client base, which consists of both local and international clients. Located at 15-17 Rue de la Cite, 1204 Geneve.
Fininfor & Associes SA
Active in the field of global asset management, which includes: wealth and corporate asset management, real estate, corporate, inheritance), advice on tax optimisation and investment. At 11 Rue du General Duffourd, 1204 Geneva
Compagnie Financiere Aval SA
Company offering wealth management solutions in Switzerland for private clients. Provides global asset allocation solution. At 6 Route de Malagnou, 1208 Geneva.
Gonet & Cie
Private bankers and wealth management company. At 6 boulevard du Theatre, 1204 Geneve.
Berger, Van Berchem et Cie
Company specialising in wealth management, fund management and asset optimisation. At 26 Rue de la Corraterie, 1204 Geneva.
Banque Piguet Galland & Cie SA
A Swiss private bank specialised in asset management. At Avenue Peschier 41, 1206 Genève.
Capital Private Wealth SA
Private banking and wealth management specialist providing independent advice to private clients. At Rue du Rhone 14, 1204 Geneva.
Banque Julius Baer & Cie SA
Private banking and asset management for private clients. At 7 Rue Pierre-Fatio, 1211 Geneva.
Realtime Financial Technologies SA
Specialists in asset management services including service based on automated trading systemn with track record. At 48 Route des Acacias, 1227 Carouge.
SEQUOIA Asset Management SA
Company offering a full range of wealth management services and tailored investement solutions. At 32 Chemin Frank-Thomas, 1208 Geneva.
Diem Consulting
Company specialising in asset management, DC fund multistrategy and derivatives accounts management. At 8-10 Rue Frank-Martin, 1204 Geneva.
Hawkeye Wealth Management SA
Private company providing an array of wealth management services to private clients and institutions. 6 cours de Rive, 1204 Geneva.
Gibson Tullberg
A specialist, expert human-capital provider covering the holistic wealth management arena. At 14 Rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneva.
Banque Vontobel SA
Private banking company providing several services such as asset management, investment advisory, corporate finance, integrated financial advisory for private and institutional clients. At 6 place de lUniversite, 1205 Geneve.
Selvi & Cie SA
Company specialised in wealth management, investment advisory, securities and currency trading. At 4 rue du Grutli, 1204 Geneve.
GIS - Advisers (Global Investment Strategies Advisers) SA
An asset management company providing services such as constitution of capital, asset management and tax optimization. At 36 Boulevard Helvetique, 1207 Geneva.
CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique SA
Private banking, wealth management, financial planning, trading, investment management services, investment planning and other financial services. Located at 7 Boulevard Emile-Jaques-Dalcroze, 1211 Geneva 3.
Lombard Odier Funds (Switzerland) SA
Private bankers since 1796. Provides services in different including asset management and mutual funds. At 11 Rue de la Corraterie, PO Box 5215, 1211 Geneve 11.
Barclays Bank SA
Private banking only. Open Monday to Friday from 08:30-17:30 at 8-10, rue dItalie, 1211 Geneva.
Idealgestion SA
Specialists in private banking and wealth management on an international scale. At 14 rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneve.
Helvetia Wealth
Wealth creation and asset management services to the international and expatriate community in Geneva. Advice on investments, offshore banking, financial planning and retirement plans. Office at 6 Rue de la Gabelle, 1227 Carouge.
Morgan Stanley SA
Serves as the preeminent financial advisor to companies, governments and investors from around the world. At 12 place de la Fusterie, 1204 Geneve.
Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza SA
Private banking. Internal investment management process is supplemented by external specialists. At 112 rue du Rhone, P.O. Box 3024, 1211 Geneve 3.
UBS SA - Rue du Rhone
International bank offering counter services, wealth management services, financial planning and investment solutions. Located at 8, rue du Rhone 1204, Geneva.
Kadora SA
Provides wealth management and investment advices. Domiciliation of company and family office. At 11 Rue De-Candolle, 1205 Geneva.
Trend Finance Asset Management SA
Asset management company based in Geneva. Specialises in patrimonial engineering, private asset management for expatriates, tax optimization. At 11 Rue du General Dufour, 1204 Geneva.
Private bank and asset management specialists. Services include fund administration and management, global custody and investor services and Swiss pension planning. At 60 Route des Acacias, 1211 Geneva.
AFE Partners SA
Company specialising in wealth management services. Also provides solution for real estate, mortgages and tax consulting. At 94 Rue des Eaux-Vives, 1207 Geneva.
Societe de Gestion dOncieu et Cie SA
An independent asset management company. Also provides consulting services in different fields such as law and real estate. At 50 Rue du Rhone, 1204 Geneva.
Banque Genevoise de Gestion SA
Private banking company. Offers services tailored to its clients needs. At 15 rue Rodolphe-Toepffer, 1206 Geneve.
Plates-formes Sodi SA
Company specialised in asset management, accounting, business advice, legal advice, insurance advice, marketing and communication. At 20 Rue du General-Dufour, 1204 Geneva.
RAMPartners SA
Specialists in capital raising, marketing, public relations, investement banking and asset management. At 19 Boulevard Georges-Favon, 1204 Geneva.
Turquoise Finances SA
Specialists in asset management. Offers tailored solutions. Also specialised in tax planning. At 3 Boulevard Georges Favon, 1204 Geneva.
Banque Pasche SA
An international network of private banks and family offices, which specializes in asset management. At 10 rue de Hollande, 1204 Geneve.
Banque Morval
A Swiss Private Bank. A privately owned group with strong Swiss roots, dedicated to private banking and fund management. At 18 rue Charles-Galland, 1206 Geneve.
Titanium-Finance SA
Private bank and portfolio management company. Also undertakes free portfolio studies and services abroad. At 6 rue Robert-Ceard, 1204 Geneva.
Feminance SA
Handles all aspects of the world of finance and investment while guaranteeing a feminine touch to efficiency and a feminine sense to the discipline of investment. At 5 Chemin Malombre, 1206 Geneva.