Psychologists & Psychotherapists

Showcase Star
Dr Luisa Marin-Avellan, Psychologist and psychotherapist FSP (Swiss federal title), UK trained, licensed psychologist specialized in adult psychotherapy. English, Spanish and French. Address: 6 rue du Conseil-Général, 1205 Geneva.
Individual counselling, marriage counselling and psychotherapy. Specialised in trauma, relationships, families, depression and anxiety.
Dr. Bea M. Jaffrey
Trained doctor of psychology specialised in couples counselling and individual therapy. 
Dr. Anina Becker
Psychologist, psychotherapist, recognized on federal level. Depth psychological approach to personal development. Specialized in bereavement and facing illness.
Rebecca Weber
Psychotherapist, research psychologist. Practices adult, child and adolescent psychotherapy in French and English. 
Thea Marais
Health psychologist, clinical psychologist, registered nurse, provides psychotherapy and counselling. Specialising in health issues and major life crises, grief and bereavement. Also runs stress management workshops.
Dr. Ian Frank
Psychologist and psychotherapist. Consultations for adolescents, adults, couples and families : French and English spoken.
Association ATB&D
Association providing psychological support to people in difficulties. Also provides help to those having mental disorders. 
Association Genevoise des Psychologues
An association with more than 600 psychologists. Provides training services as well. 
Bethan Gollut-Jones
Psychological assessments, brief therapy and parental guidance. Services and  tests in English and French. 
Erika Jolliet-Royston
Licensed  psychologist, psychotherapist and marriage counsellor providing counselling for individuals and couples in the expat community. 
Dr. Allyn Enderlyn
Licensed clinical psychologist provides comprehensive and specific assessments for children, adolescents and adults. In-depth Jungian counselling for adults.
Dr. Laurence ​van Hanswijck de Jonge
Geneva licensed psychologist specialised in child development. Offers child neuro psychological and educational assessments, resilience training and behavioural and parental coaching. 
Clémence Le Prévost Petit
Gestalt practitioner offers a therapeutic Gestalt support. Practice is subject to the IFAS Code of Ethics and regular supervision.
Jessica Chan Sum Fat
Individual, couple and family counselling sessions and psychotherapy.
Thierry Gaillard
Clinical psychologist provides brief and long term individual psychotherapy, French and English spoken. 
Isabel Thompson
Experienced professional counsellor providing individual and couples counselling and coaching services in central Geneva. Counselling in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. 
Muller Jean-Loup
Provides services such as psychotherapy, individual therapy, psychological counselling, career counselling, coaching, couple and family therapy. 
Francesca Dupraz
State registered integrative psychotherapist, based in the centre of Geneva. Specialises in relationship issues and clinical sexology. 
Silvia Wyder
Geneva registered art therapist provides individual and group sessions in private practice. 
Rachel Chevallier Faustino
Psychologist and psychotherapist, treats families, couples and individuals wishing to overcome mental and physical distress. x
Samia Dayer
Psychotherapy and psychological treatment through talk therapy and physical activity. Treats stress, family issues, burnout and depression.
Sahar Hasan Staehelin
Psychotherapy and counselling for adolescents and adults. Individual, couple and family counselling. In French, English and Arabic. 
Catalina Woldarsky
Clinical psychologist based in Geneva, works with individuals and couples.
Antonella Bertoli
Clinical Psychologist providing short and long term individual psychotherapy and couple counselling. French, English and Italian spoken. 
Christine Cooper-Vince
Clinical psychologist provides evidence-based psychological counselling services to English-speaking children and adolescents in Geneva.
Kristin Duncombe
Experienced psychotherapist offers cognitive behavioural therapy for depression, anxiety, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and couple's therapy for couples in crisis.
Bianca King
Private and professional counselling and psychotherapy for those seeking support, guidance and awareness.  
Sadegh Nashat
Clinical psychologist, child and family psychotherapist. Specialist in school and learning difficulties, psychological assessment and brief individual and family therapy. 
Yukako W. Chang
Psychological counselling and therapy working with relationship difficulties, anxiety, trauma, stress, burnout, decision making, life transitions. In English and Japanese.
Mirjam de Vries
English speaking psychologist, having practice in Morges. Specialised in cognitive behavioural therapy. Speaks French and Dutch. 
Dr Basile Vareltzis
Addiction medicine physician specialising in smoking cessation, alcohol treatment and behavioural addictions. 
Helena da Silva
English, French, and Spanish speaking psychological counsellor in Geneva. Offers psychological therapy sessions for adolescents and adults.
Clinique Genevoise du Stress
The clinic aims to respond to the pressure and demands of society,  treats various reactions such as burnout, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, difficult work environment, family problems , marital  conflicts and traumas.
Eriko Gavinio
Specialised in child-parent communication. Assessment and parental counselling offered. English and Japanese spoken.