QROPS & Pension Funds

Pension fund founded in 1985 by the Federation of Artisans and Merchants (FAC), aimed at providing economic consequences of old age, disability and death. Located at 14 rue de Malatrex, 1201 Geneve.
Spectrum IFA Group
Regulated financial planners, covering all aspects of insurance, tax-optimisation (e.g. Pillar 3a), pensions, QROPS, and mortgages up to 90%. Contact us to arrange a confidential, no obligation consultation.
Pension fund for staff of public health of the canton of Geneva designed to provide its members against the economic consequences of old age, death and disability benefits. At 14 rue des Noirettes, 1227 Carouge GE.
Forth Capital (Geneve) Sarl
Financial advisory company, specializing in providing intelligent investment advice to international investors and experienced QROPS advisers. Located at 26 Bvd des Philisophes, 1205 Geneva.
Trafalgar International SA
Licensed and Regulated Independent Financial Planning group dedicated to helping Expatriates, foreign nationals and International workers invest, grow and Protect their wealth wherever they reside in the world. At 16 Rue De La Pelisserie, 1204 Geneva.
Guardian Wealth Management
Company specialising in wealth management, QROPS pension and financial planning services. At 20 Route De Pre-Bois, 1215 Geneva.
pension fund pro
Foundation managed by Tellco. QROPS plan available. Expertise in consultation of pension plan model, pension services, asset management, insurance and investment benefits, real estate management. At 13 Rue des Marchandises, 1260 Nyon.
Liberty Wealth Management
Professional QROPS pension advice, investment advice, wealth management, international banking, financial planning and property financing services. Located at 2 Chemin de Blandonnet, Vernier Geneva 1214.
Forth Capital - Financial and Tax Advice
We provide top-tier advice on investment, UK Pension Transfers, retirement planning, expert tax advice and more.
A wealth management company offering investment services, portfolio management, pensions, QROPS advisers. Located at 7 Avenue Pictet-de-Rochemont, 1207 Geneva.
Lombard Odier Funds (Switzerland) SA
Private bankers since 1796. Provides services in different including asset management and mutual funds. At 11 Rue de la Corraterie, PO Box 5215, 1211 Geneve 11.
Manor Group
Global management consulting firm which provides tailored solutions for management, strategy, market assessments, conference services and smart cities. At 6 rue Praider, 1201 Geneva.
AZ Fidu Holding SA / FiduSynergie SA
Fiduciary services, accounting, auditing, offshore company creation and tax optimization. Creation and valuation of companies, payroll duties, bookkeeping. Relocation, financial advisory services for Expats. At 37 rue de Lausanne, 1201 Geneva.