Sports Clubs & Teams: Geneva Left Bank

Centre Sportif du Grand Donzel
Tennis, skateboard, beach volley, badminton, soccer, boules, 100m run, long jump and restaurant. Outdoor play area. At 21 Route Antoine-Martin, 1234 Vessy.
Association Cantonale Genevoise de Basket Amateur
Geneva Basketball Amateur Association. Information on basketball clubs and camps for children and adults. At 1223 Cologny.
Geneva International Cricket Club (GICC)
The GICC is established to promote sports in general and cricket in particular for the Swiss Romande region (French speaking Switzerland). Home ground at the Bout du Monde Stadium, Geneva.
Geneva Girls Netball Association
Geneva Netball offers girls the chance to play a team sport and learn ball and team skills. Open to girls aged 7 -17 years, plus an adult group. All held at IIL, Grand Lancy
Stade de Richemont
Athletics, field hockey, boules, weights and ping-pong. At 70 Route de Frontenex, 1207 Geneva.
Ecole dArts Martiaux
Club offering martial arts courses including karate and judo classes. At 11 Rue Maunoir, 1207 Geneva.
Ecole de Kung Fu Wuhun
Provides martial arts training services including Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes. At 59 Rue du 31 Decembre, 1207 Geneva.
Judo-Club Trois-Chene
Aikido (from age 7), judo (from age 4), karate (from age 15) to adult. At Centre sportif Sous-Moulin, 39 Route de Sous-Moulin, 1226 Thonex.
Centre Sportif Sous Moulin
Covering nearly 100,000m2, this sports club offers 5 football pitches, athletics grounds, 5 tennis courts, covered ice skating rink, 2 beach volley courts and a fitness centre. Open 08:00-22:00 for most sports. At 39, route de Sous Moulin, 1226 Thonex.
Cologny Karate Club
Offers martial arts lessons including karate, kick boxing, takewondo, judo, free fight, jiu jitsu and taebo. At 16 Route du Guignard, 1223 Cologny.
Geneva Seahawks
Senior, junior and flag teams from age 15. All nationalities welcome. Practice on Wednesdays and Friday evenings. At Case Postale 3748, 1211 Geneve 3.
Association Cantonale Genevoise Football - ACGF
An association dedicated to football. All news about football are available on the website. At 4 Rue des Plantaporrets, 1205 Geneva.
Centre Sportif du Bout-du-Monde et Stade de Champel
American football, athletics, basketball, bicross, climbing, cricket, handball, hockey, tennis and soccer. At 12-14 Route de Vessy, 1206 Geneva.
Tennis Club Messery
Three courts at this tennis club srrunded by park. Lessons possible in spring and autumn, camps in summer. Mini-tennis. At 1 Rute de Parteyi, Parc des Semiss, 74140 Messery.
Geneva XI Stars Cricket Club
Cricket club whose aim is to promote cricket in the region of Geneva. Welcomes people of all age groups.
Association pour la Danse Contemporaine
Contemporary dance association presenting all their shows at Salle des Eaux-Vives. At 82-84 Rue des Eaux-Vives, 1207 Geneva.
Servette Hockey Club - Geneva
Ice hockey club which features both international stars and local talent. Rink is at Patinoire des Vernets, rue Hans-Wilsdorf 4-6 1227 Les Acacias.
Association Sportive Schtroumpfs
Sports association for people with mental disorders. Provides several sports activities such as football, swimming, clycling, rugby and petanque. At 16 Chemin de Vers, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates.
Samourai Karate Club
Martial arts club. Provides classes for kids and adults. Classes for kids from Tuesday to Thursday 18:00 to 19:00 and adults from Tuesday to Thursday 19:00 to 20:00. At 15 Rue des Peupliers, 1205 Geneva.
Geneva Devils
Local professional basketball team. Trains at the Sports Hall at 12 route de Vessy. At CP 1954, 1227 Carouge.
Iokai Shiatsu Association Suisse
Association providing martial arts lessons including shiatsu and iokai shiatsu. At 19 Route de la Roche, 1073 Savigny.
Taiji Open Club (TOC)
Martial arts club offering free classes of Taiji Quan to children and adults. At 3 Rue des Plantaporrets, 1205 Geneva.
Rugby School of Genève - Plan-les-Ouates
Rugby school for boys and girls age 5 to 18. Training each week in Plan-les-Ouates. The school participates in tournaments in Switzerland and France.
Genevas Flying Disk Wizards
Ultimate Frisbee club established in Geneva since 1984. Open to beginners and experts. At 11 Quai Capo dIstria, 1205 Geneva.
Bernex Basket
Basketball club. At Case postale 289, 1233 Bernex.
Association des Ecoles de Navigation Genevoise
An association providing training facilities for those who wants to have boating license. At 33 Quai Gustave-Ador, 1207 Geneva.
Club des Patineurs des 3Chene
Club offering figure skating lessons for all ages. At 39 Route de Sous-Moulin, 1226 Thonex.
Centre Sportif de Vessy
American football, archery, baseball, beach vlleyball, frisbee, rugby, soccer and tennis. Special room to celebrate brithdays available. At 31 Route de Vessy, 1234 Veyrier.
ACS (Automobile Club Suisse)
Club dedicated to automotive. The club organises a wide range of events such as rally. At 19 Clos de la Fonderie, 1227 Carouge.
Association Genevoise des Amis du Saleve (AGAS)
Hiking club meeting every Sunday at 10:00 at the foot of the Saleve. Walks are led by an experienced hike leader. Meeting point is at the terminus of bus No 8 at Veyrier-Douane, no prior registration necessary.
Ippon Karate Club Tivoli
Offers karate and other martial arts lessons to children from age 7 as well as adults. At Ecole de Tivoli, 15 Chemin du Fief-de-Chapitre, 1213 Petit-Lancy.
Gymnique Lumiere
Fresh country air and benefit from the naturalness and quietness in the pleasant and verdant atmosphere of its cordial naturist surroundings. At 46 Chemin des Marais, 1255 Veyrier.
Centre Sportif de Cologny
Billards, badmintion, squash, tennis, weights, gymnastics, fitness training. At 8 Chemin de la Tulette, 1223 Cologny.
All American Basketball Camp
English speaking summer camp offering basketball 1 weeks training with American coaches for girls and boys. Also two weekly sessions all year round for boys and girls aged 7 to 20. At the Stade du Bout du Monde, 12 Route de Vessy, 1206 Geneva. David
Swiss Foot Bull
Startup company launching new activity in Geneva. Come and join us for a bubble football game. Way more fun than football, it is the ideal way to relax after a long week of hard work. Friends and family, everyone can play. At 2 Rue Dizerens, 1205 Geneva.
Ju-Jitsu Judo Club de Compesieres
For age 6 to 15. Judo age 6 , ju-jitsu age 10 , self-defense for women, taebo-aerobics. One month free trial. At Salle Communale de Compesieres, 1211 Geneva 26.
Centre Sportif des Vernets
Indoor ice skating rink. Ice skates can be rented. There is a snack bar next to the rink. Skating lesson available. At 4 Rue Hans-Wilsdorf, 1227 Acacias.
Geneva International Hockey Club
Field hockey club with members of all nationalities. Training takes place on Mondays from 19:30 until 21:00 at stade de Richemont.
Chene Gymnastique Geneva
Offers general gmnastics for age 9 to 13. Artistic gymnastics for boys age 6 to 8, competitive gymanstics for boys age 9 and many more. At 1226 Thonex.
Club billard sportif de Plainpalais
Billard club with high level of billards entertainment. Free introduction to billard every Thursday evenings, open for all. At 25 rue du Vieux-Billard, 1205 Geneve.
Geneva International Netball group
Informal ladies group plays netball Tuesdays from 20:00-21:30 indoors in winter, outdoors in summer (location details on the website). All levels and all ages welcome, including beginners. Regular social events. First match free to try it
Club en Fauteuil Roulant Geneve
Sports club organising sports events, outings and vacations for people in wheelchairs. At 151 Route de Loex, 1233 Bernex.
Club Sportif en Fauteuil Roulant Carouge
Promotes sports such as handbike, petanque, ping-pong, badminton and unihockey for those in wheelchairs. Meetings on regular basis. At 23 Daniel-Gevril, 1227 Carouge.
Geneva Hash House Harriers
Social running group for men and women. Every Monday evening at 19:00 and the second Sunday of every month with runs organised in and around Geneva and sometimes parts of France.
Geneva Scottish Football Club
The GSFC plays regular friendly challenge matches in spring and autumn. The team consists mostly of Geneva based expatriate Scots boosted by a number of other nationals living in the area. Games takes place at the Vessy Sports Centre, 1255 Veyrier
Centre Sportif de la Queue dArve
Badminton, basketball, climbing, cycling, gymnastics, handball, tennis, boules, tenpin bowling and volleyball. At 12 Rue Francois-Dussaud, 1227 Acacias.
Societe dEscrime de Geneve
Provides fencing information for the Geneva region. At 14 Route de Vessy, 1206 Geneva.
Stade de Frontenex
Soccer, handball and remote-controlled cars. At 8 Plateau de Frontenex, 1223 Cologny.
Curling Club de Geneve
Curling club of Geneva. Organises tournaments and Dolly cup. Also offers curling lessons. At 9A Chemin du Fief-de-Chapitre, 1213 Petit-Lancy.
NC Running Team
The Nordic Club of Geneva was founded in 1949 and gathers people living in the French part of Switzerland who originate from the Nordic countries. The NC Running Team runs 3 times a week in and around Geneva.
Judo Club Carouge
Pre-judo from age 5, judo from age 6. Ju-jitsu from age 14, Aikido from age 12. At Centre Sportifs des Pervenches, 20 Avenue de la Praille, 1227 Carouge.
Black Boys Hockey Club
Men and womens hockey team and also a section for juniors. Open to foreign members. Training takes place at the Richemont Stadium, Rue de Frontenex, 1207 Geneva.
Chene Basketball Club
Basketball lessons for children age 6-11 Wednesdays from 15:30 to 17:00 during school year at sports center. Basketball initiation for children age 7-13. At 35 route de Sous-Moulin, 1225 Chene-Bourg.
Service des Sports de la Ville de Geneve
In the summer months, children from 4 to 18 years of age may enjoy a week of sports where 15 different activities are offered. At Centre Sportif de Vernets, 1211 Geneva 24.
Geneva Youth Baseball League
The Geneva Baseball League is for children and teenagers, ages 5 to 18. Welcomes boys and girls of all nationalities. Also all-girls softball league for ages 12-17. Season lasts April to June. Games on Saturday morning at the Vessy Sport Centre.
Clubs Yamabushi
Martial arts club. Offers yamabushi courses to adults and kids. At Case Postale 25, 1213 Petit-Lancy.
Evian Sports Handball
Handball club located in France. At BP 02, 74500 Evian, France.
Judo Club de Geneve
Offers judo, ju-jitsu, aikido and tai-chi lessons from Monday to Firday for children as from 6 years old and adults. At 24 Rue Goetz-Monin, 1205 Geneva.