Sports Clubs & Teams: Geneva Right Bank

Karate Club Meyrin
Offers karate lessons for adults. Different levels available including lessons for beginners, intermediate and advance. At Ecole de Vaudagne, 6 Avenue de Vaudagne, 1217 Meyrin.
Association Genevoise de Gymnastique
Association dedicated to gymnastic. There are about 450000 members in the association. At 9 Chemin des Grebattes, 1219 Aire.
Academie de Karate
Offers kick-boxing, full contact, Thai boxing, tae-bo, fitness, aerobic and stretching lessons. At 85 Rue de Lyon, 1203 Geneva.
CERN - Rugby Club
Rugby club for age 5 onwards. Men and womens team. Welcomes members of all nationalities and all levels. Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19:00 at 01630 St Genis Pouilly.
Centre Sportif de Versoix
Beach volleyball, tennis, outdoor pool, soccer, hockey, volleyball and restaurant. At 201 Chemin de la Becassiere, 1290 Versoix.
Geneva Basket
Offers training at various locations for schools. All-Amercian Basketball camp for age 8-20. At Paquis-Seujet, CP 423, 1211 Geneve 17.
Geneva Volley
Volleyball club with male and female teams. Training services available. Professional practices offered for kids from 7 years onwards, until 15 for boys and until adult age for girls. Henry-Dunant, at 20 Avenue Edmond-Vaucher, 1203 Geneva.
Aiki Juku Dojo
Martial art school providing aiki juku and aikido classes for children and adults. At 14 bis Rue Giuseppe Motta, 1202 Geneva.
Patinoire de Meyrin
Municipal rink and skatepark. Subscriptions discounts to people living and working in Meyrin. Other users may purchase a subscription at the normal price. At 7-9 avenue Louis Rendu, 1217 Meyrin.
Coerver Coaching Geneva-La Cote
Provides football camps and courses to boys and girls aged 4 - 16. Coerver is a globally endorsed football method that is used by top professional clubs. Find out why we are the worlds number 1 football skills method. At 4 Chemin de la Poste, 1297 Founex....
Womens Rugby Club
Rugby club for women at the CERN rugby pitch between Meyrin and St Genis. Training on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00-21:00. Email for further information.
Budokan-Vernier Judo Club
Training for age 6 to 8. Thursdays 17:00 to 18:00. Age 8 to 13 Wednesday 17:30 to 18:30. Age 10 to 13 Tuesday 18:00 to 19:30. At Centre Sportif du Lignon, 1219 Le Lignon.
Karate Goshindo Vinh Phan
For age six to adult. Gymp, karate, karate Goshundo. At 54bis Rue du Village, 1214 Vernier.
Acrobatic Rock and Roll club offering classes for all ages. At CP 206, 1218 Grand-Saconnex.
Gymnastique Seniors Geneve GSG
A non profit association helping gymnast to improve their physical condition and provides training facilities. At 24 Avenue Ernest-Pictet, 1203 Geneva.
Aikido Club Meyrin
Offers Aikido lessons to children as from seven years old and adults. At 39 Avenue de Vaudagne, 1217 Meyrin.
Federation Internationale de Basketball FIBA
An international and global basketball news outlet established in 1996. One of the worlds leading basketball websites. At 53 Avenue Louis-Casai, 1216 Cointrin.
Service des Loisirs de la Jeunesse
Holiday sports and cultural/artistics activities: aerobics, archery, badminton, basketball, diving, handball, ice hockey, karate, kayak, mountain biking, sailing. At 19 Route des Franchises, 1203 Geneva.
BC Meyrin
Badminton club. At Case postale 79, 1217 Meyrin 1.
Country Club Geneva
Private indoor and outdoor tennis, squash, pitch and putt club. Facilities include pool, spa, gym, sauna and creche. Located at 47 route de Collex, 1293 Bellevue.
Centre Sportif de Cointrin
Offers tennis lessons for age 6 . Pool, playground, ping-pong, tennis courts, buvette. At 35 Chemin des Ailes, 1216 Cointrin.
Organises multisport camps for kids from 4-16 years old. With many new activities for your children such as kayak, climbing, caving and of course popular activities such as swimming and bowling.
Centre Sportif de Meyrin
Soccer, rugby, volleyball, outdoor pool. Ice rink in wintertime. At 7-9 Avenue Louis-Rendu, 1217 Meyrin.
Meyrin Basket
Basket ball offering training for age 7-8 and adults. At 71 Rue des Lattes, 1217 Meyrin.
CERN Croquet Club
CERN Croquet Club has two fine lawns, clubhouse and bar, welcomes non-CERN players and offers coaching in Association and golf croquet (easily learnt). New members always welcome. CERN, 1211 Geneva 23. The club is situated on the Prevessin site.
International BBC
Basketball club welcoming members of all nationalities. At Avenue de Trembley, 1218 Petit Saconnex.
Club de Gymnastique dOnex
Gymnastic club offering lessons for all ages. Also organises shows and other events related to gymnastic. At 81 Avenue Bois-de-la-Chapelle, 1213 Onex.
Albaladejo Rugby Club
Rugby club with an international culture. Training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursday at Chavannes-pres-Renens.
Shung Do Kwan Budo
A team of people pursuing study of Japanese martial arts. Training offered in aikido, iaido, jodo, judo, ju-jutsu, karate, kendo, ken-jutsu, kyudo, shodo, yoseikan, budo. At 66 rue Liotard, 1203 Geneva.
Physical Performance Concept Sarl
Specialists in personal training and physical preparations for sports events. At 95A Avenue de Chatelaine, C.P. 370, 1219 Chatelaine.
Association Cantonale Genevoise de Rugby - ACGR
Association representing the Swiss Rugby Federation of the Lake Geneva region. Provides rugby lessons to children. At Case Postale, 1200 Geneve.
Centre Sportif de la Vigne Blanche
Ample parking, a restaurant, basketball courts, beach volley, petanque and in the winter, an ice rink. At 1293 Bellevue.
Handisport Geneve
Archery (also for the blind), basketball, ping-pong, sailing, skiing, swimming, tennis and water-skiing. Also has camps grouping young handicapped people. At 54 Rue du Village, 1214 Vernier.
Womens Rugby Team
Womens Rugby Team at CERN Rugby Club. Training on Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00-21:00 at the Commune de Meyrin rugby pitch.
Hobby Loisirs
List of all the extra-curricular activities in Geneva, including the Wednesday activities for age 5 to 12. In French only. At Service des Loisirs, 19 Route des Franchises, 1203 Geneva.
Canoe Club de Geneve
Canoe for age 10 . Family and youth camps organized. At 10 Chemin Maurice Ravel, 1290 Versoix.
Bateaux APB
An association for boat owners. Defends and supports all boats owners. At 35 Rue Louis-Favre, 1201 Geneva.
Geneva Hash House Harriers
Social running group for men and women. Every Monday evening at 19:00 and the second Sunday of every month with runs organised in and around Geneva and sometimes parts of France.
Versoix Athletisme
Track and field year-round (mostly outdoors) with children from age 8 and adults. Training in all kinds of weather. At Centre Sportif de la Becassiere, 201 Route de lEtraz, 1290 Versoix.
Centre Sportif du Bois des Freres
Sports club with a number of facilities including football pitches, running tracks, gym facilities, archery arenas, volleyball, handball and basketball courts. Open Monday to Friday 08:00-22:00, Saturdays and Sundays from 08:00-20:00 at La Chatelaine, 12
Viet Vo Dao (AGV)
Club offering Vietnamese martial art lessons. All lessons are free and for all ages. At 22 Chemin de lEcu, 1219 Chatelaine - Geneva.