Support Groups: Vaud

l’Association Romande de Clowns d’Hopital
Association helping hospitalised children keep a smile on their face with the aid of clowns. 
Fondation Le Relais
Helpline to help deal with drugs and addiction problems. Grand-Rue 82 – 1110 Morges.
Bureau Information Femmes
Its role is to help women in difficult situations - either by telephone or in person at their offices, without an appointment. 
Alzheimer Vaud
An English Alzheimer support group. Rue Beau-Sejour 29 1003 Lausanne.
Fondation le Cube de Verre
Support group for parents of autistic children. Offers activites for children. 
La Main Tendue Vaud
Swiss equivalent of the Samaritans, providing help and support to those in need. Listeners available 24/7.
Federation Suisse des aveugles et malvoyants
Swiss Federation of blind and sight impaired persons. At Rue de Geneva 88B, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland.
Fondation les Oliviers
Institute for people with alcohol-related addictions as well as other addictions. At Route de la Clochatte 88, 1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne.
For families of children suffering from cancer. This office covers the whole of the Swiss Romande area. 
Groupement Romand de Skieurs Aveugles et malvoyants
Support group for blind and visually impaired skiers. Rue de Geneva 88b CH-1004 Lausanne Suisse.
ABA Association Boulimie Anorexie
Association helping those suffering with bulimia and anorexia. At Avenue de Villamont 19 CH-1005 Lausanne.
Fondation Planetes Enfants Malades
Foundation helping sick children by providing several activities even in hospitals. At 16, chemin de Montetan CH – 1004 Lausanne .
Insieme Vaux
Association for parents of mentally-handicapped people in Vaud. At Ch. de Malley 26 1007 Lausanne.
La Leche League
International organisation offering telephone consultations and meetings offering guidance and support with feeding babies and children. 
Association for parents who have children with attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity. 
Autisme Suisse Romande
For parents of autistic persons. At 2 Avenue de Rumine, 1005 Lausanne.
Forum Ecoute
Foundation for hearing impaired in Suisse Romande. At Av. General-Guisan 117 1009 Pully.
Fondation Romande Sourd Aveugles
Foundation providing assistance for the deaf and blind. At Avenue du Crochetan 33 CH -1870 Monthey.
SOS Future Mamans
Moral and material (clothing) support for mothers in need and their children.