Translators & Interpreters

CMA - Traduction
Translation services from English, Italian, Spanish and Polish into French. At 17, rue du Pre-Jerome, 1205 Geneva.
Offshore Translation
Provider of language services to public bodies, private companies and individuals. Specialised in the translation of documents in the field of accountancy, finance, law and international commerce. At 10 chemin de la Mairie, 1223 Cologny.
Susannah L. Maas Antamoro de Cespedes
Sworn translations: French/English, English/French. All translations, with specific emphasis on legal, banking, education and vital statistics. At 3 rue De Beaumont, 1206 Geneva.
Translation and copywriting service using in-house and outsourced translators in a multitude of languages. At 3A Voie-Creuse, 1202 Geneva.
Cabinet de Traduction Julie Dutfoy
Specialised in translation from German and English to French. At 2 rue Dancet, 1205 Geneva.
Julliard & Garcia Associes
Professional services of both translation and interpretation in French and Spanish from English, Spanish or French. At 14 Rue des Peupliers, 1205 Geneva.
International Translation Service
Company specialized in translating texts in the following fields: economic, banking, commercial, legal, diplomatic, telecommunications, information technology, technical and medical/scientific. At 36 avenue Cardinal - Mermillod, 1227 Carouge-Geneva.
A a Z Traductions
Translation, editing and proofreading services in French, German, Italian and English. Fields of expertise: technology, banking and finance, patents, websites, tourism, HR and CVs. Also operates in Geneva. At 7B Chemin de la Posse, 1955 Chamoson.
Translation services in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish as well as proofreading and copywriting services. At 8 chemin des Levrayes, 1296 Coppet.
TAG et Cie
Translators and interpreters - all languages and subjects covered. At 22 ch. du Cusinand, 1285 Athenaz (Avusy).
Elsa Wack
Translations, adaptations and sworn translations from English and German to French. At 15 chemin des Marais, 1234 Vessy.
Peter A Carapetyan
Offers services in translations, adaptations and creative writing from German, French and Spanish into British and American English (marketing and technology-related copy). At 12 Chemin des Muguets, 1234 Vessy.
Magdalena Chrusciel
Translation from English, Polish and Russian into French - legal and administrative areas. French coaching for adults and children. Certified sworn translator for Polish. At 13 Grange-Canal, 1208 Geneva.
Offers complete range of translation, interpretation, proof-reading and editing techniques for banking and finance institutions, law firms, insurance companies, SMEs and private individuals.
Specialised language services including translations, proofreading and terminology projects in the financial and legal sectors. At 2 Cours de Rive, 1204 Geneva.
AIT Association dInterpretes et de Traducteurs Diplomes ETI/...
Association of professional translators and interpreters. 
Madalina Gavrila-Milliot
Translations to and from English, French, Portuguese and Romanian. General, technical, financial translations, correspondence, websites and business documents. Based in 74100 Annemasse.