Dr Allyn Enderlyn, Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Dr Allyn Enderlyn is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in Switzerland – FSP.  In Geneva, she also has the right to practice independently.  She is also licensed in the USA and accepts insurance.

She is bilingual French and English and holds dual citizenship.  She received her PhD in California and has a long history in the clinical practice, psychology, and the arts. Her private practice, in Grand-Saconnex, welcomes all ages of clients.  She believes that everyone has a right to happiness and well-being, no matter what the issues may be. Clients appreciate her direct, respectful, and supportive approach, recognizing each individual as unique. 

Dr. Carl Jung has had a lasting influence on her work since the 1970’s.  She has worked extensively with expat clients from multinational families, intergovernmental agencies, and international business.  Clients may request various types of assessments and reports from her, for use in collaborative therapy, or from their referral sources.  Dr. Enderlyn is a prolific writer and avid sportswoman, photographer, and curator of photographic archives. She is a professor of graduate students at Webster University Geneva.  She holds an MBA in Finance from The George Washington University.  Her CV is available.