AZ Fidu Holding SA / FiduSynergie SA

Specialised in tax return, fiscal advice, tax planning and optimization for businesses and individuals. Creation of holding and auxiliary companies, domiciliation, audit of accounts. At 37 rue de Lausanne, 1201 Geneva.

AZFH was founded in 2010 providing a range of skills offered by Fidusynergie SA.

Swiss company established in 1993, and has developed its expertise in the fields of creating and administering businesses.

Over recent years, it has expanded its activities into the field of creating offshore companies.

While currently comprising of experts, and being surrounded by effective contributors, AZFH can provide the optimal solution for developing commercial businesses.

Our team of experts is able to provide you with the following services:



  • Tax returns for individuals and for businesses in the cantons of French speaking Switzerland
  • Expert tax advice for individuals and businesses, including the introduction of auxiliary statues and holding companies, in addition to establishing tax structures which are maximised and tailored to your needs
  • Defending your interests against the tax authorities

Taxation for individuals

Our charges

AllowancesForeign currencyAmount(s)
Basic statementsCHF110.- *
Statement with a maximum of three banking securities, along with a tax statementCHF140.- *
Statement with more than three banking securities, along with a tax statementCHF180.- *
Property supplementsCHF40.- *
Joint statement supplementsCHF25.- *

Self-employed taxi drivers
Balance sheets, accounting, and reporting


* : no additional charges for credit, life assurance, mortgages, and third pillar schemes

Our rates include:

  • Receipt of your documents along with a one-to-one interview
  • Requests for extra time outside of the tax administration period
  • Computerised tax returns issued in duplicate
  • Estimating your tax remittance
  • Monitoring your tax assessment charges

Additional tax benefits

  • Negotiation with the tax authorities
  • Tax formalities on the subject of double taxation agreements
  • Assistance with and solutions for monitoring tax affairs, or for instigating legal proceedings
  • Tax planning for Financial Wealth Management
  • Tax planning for inheritance
  • International tax planning

Download the questionnaire for individuals here


  • Insurance advice
  • Consumer loans from CHF 500.00 up to CHF 50,000.00 at variable interest rates of between 9.95% and 14.50%.
  • Managing your portfolio: secretarial tasks, invoicing, real estate, etc.