Dr. Ahmad Haydar

Dr Haydar is a consultant in obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University Maternity hospital in Geneva, where he specialises in the labor ward, childbirth and high-risk obstetrics. He has extensively trained in France, Ivory Coast, Ireland and Switzerland, giving him a global perspective on private maternity care.

He has developed a special interest in labor and delivery and has implemented different strategies to reduce cesarean section rates across diverse maternity units.

Dr Haydar trusts in the human physiology and believes that the best care comes from an individualised approach. Creating a female-centred programme is hugely important, as is building a trusted relationship throughout the pregnancy, with both playing a critical role in achieving outstanding care.


His areas of expertise are:

* High-risk pregnancies: gestational diabetes, hypertension, auto-immune diseases, IVF pregnancies.

* pre-term labor

* breech

* previous cesarean scar

* cesarean section

* operative vaginal deliveries

* miscarriages

* laparoscopic surgeries

Dr Haydar is also passionate about helping train and supervise specialist trainees and student midwives.