Dr Hermann Schmid

FMH specialist in psychiatry. Graduated from Zurich School of Medicine. Specialty training in Paris, France, Harvard and Columbia universities in US. Speaks English, French, German. At 72 Boulevard de Saint-Georges, 1205 Geneva.

Dr Hermann Schmid is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with specialized training in individual, group and couple therapy.  A graduate of the University of Zurich Medical School, he holds a doctorate in neuropsychiatry from the University of Zurich and completed training in psychiatry as an interne des Hôpitaux de Paris, France. He also completed a residency and fellowship in psychiatry at Columbia University, New York; and a fellowship in neuropsychiatry at Harvard University, Boston.

A widely published researcher, he served as faculty in psychiatry at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, for more than a decade.  He is qualified as a member of the Swiss FMH with specialties in psychiatry and psychotherapy and board-qualified in the United States.