Dr. Raphaela Carrière Psychologist BA, MSc, PhD, CCTP, NIP

Psychologist with international background, works worldwide. Helps individuals seeking to navigate their unique personal challenges with emphasis on self-compassion and self-healing (IFS). Development focused Couples Counseling. Online/In person consultations.


My primary therapeutic modality is Internal Family Systems (IFS), a powerfully transformative, evidenced-based model of psychotherapy based on the assumption that all the different parts of our personality have valuable qualities and that our core self knows how to heal. It is my role as your therapist to support you with compassion and curiosity to get to know your parts and to heal the vulnerabilities held within.


I have experience working with a range of issues for Individuals stemming from transitions, relocation, relationship difficulties, bullying in the workplace, grief, stress and trauma. Often these can lead to anxiety or depression. 

I also do both IFS and Development focussed Couples work; support in crisis, support with making big decisions, or just looking to grow and connect more deeply as a couple. (Online sessions)
Apart from working with individuals and couples, I have also specialised in the field of Giftedness and Twice-Exceptionality. I help adults and adolescents reconnect with their true selves and navigate the unique challenges associated with being gifted, such as perfectionism, underachievement, imposter syndrome, multi-potentiality, heightened intensity, extreme sensitivity and issues in channeling creativity.

I also support Parents in the challenging and often lonely task of raising gifted children and advocating for their children’s special needs in school. 
Academic Background.

  • I received my Bachelor's degree – a double major in Psychology and International Relations – from Webster University, Leiden, The Netherlands (1993).
  • Continuing my education in the Netherlands, I earned my Masters of Science in Psychology (cum laude) from the University of Leiden (1996)
  • I received my PhD from the Department of Clinical and Developmental Psychology at the University of Groningen (2009).
  • I have also completed the four-year Certification Course Professional Intuition Practitioner from the Center for Effective Intuition, Haarlem, The Netherlands (2017).
  • I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP -registered with the International Trauma Training Institute) as well as a GIST-T Certified Trainer of Trainers in Stress and Trauma relief.
  • I further hold a certificate in the Polyvagal Theory-Guided Approach to Therapy (Deb Dana), as well as in Mindfulness Based Interventions for Children and Teens.
  • I have completed training in Psychosexual Couple Counselling.
  • I am a graduate of the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at the Couples Institute
  • I have completed level 1 and level 2 Internal Family Systems (IFS) trainings as well as various IFS workshops including trauma and neuroscience and Daily Parts Meditation Practice.
  • Additionally, I hold a certificate from the IFS Institute for working with couples/relationships (Training: Intimacy From the Inside Out, IFIO).
Additional Training.

In light of my continued education, I regularly attend both live and online workshops, trainings, conferences and certification courses on a wide range of topics.

Current continued professional development enrolments (2021) include:
  • Advanced level training Couples Counseling and mentoring at under Ellen Bader Ph.D. and Peter Pearson, Ph.D. at The Couples Institute
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS), advanced level trainings and workshops including Addictions & Eating Disorders; Trauma & Neuroscience; and Depression, Anxiety & Shame. 
I offer a 20 minute free consultation via telephone during which we can chat to ensure that our expectations are aligned. If you want to book an appointment or schedule a 20 minute chat, simply send me a message at info@raphaelacarriere.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.