Gerald Hommel - Consultant Project Manager

Swiss certified engineer in Nyon. Helps with extensions, renovations, decorations. Can organize, coordinate and manage projects. At 7b rue Girard, 1274 Signy, Nyon.


-        Home and House Improvements

-       Partial or Complete Renovation

-       Extension – Transformation – Decoration

-       Quotation – Home staging

-       Coordination with all suppliers

-       Project Management 

Depending on the type of project you submit, we will use various skills to execute the project aligned to your expectations and to industry rules and practices.

From the outset of our engagement together, we will help you to develop your project, giving advice around the choice of materials, patterns, room layout, selection of suppliers, etc.

Request indemnities for exterior insulation, roof and window insulation, new heating, etc.

Thanks our local knowledge and connections with confirmed architects, we can help you efficiently with the local authorities regarding complicated Swiss procedures for building permits.

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