LandCare TreeCare

LandCare TreeCare is a small enterprise dedicated to gardens, fine landscapes and tree care. We offer a selection of services to householders and business clientele in and around Geneva and the Lac Lemanic region. Services are in mother tongue English and in second language French.

Gardens are potentially a great asset to a home and a family. We assist individuals and families by creating new gardens or nurturing existing ones. Our services cover cultivating, tending plants, maintaining grounds and open space, for better use and enjoyment.

Landscapes can be adorned and improved by contouring, adding features such as patios and pergolas, and elements such as flowering plants and shrubs. We design and plant high quality landscapes to satisfy various tastes and requirements. Sturdy, functional and aesthetically sound.

Trees and woodlands are precious and essential elements of any landscape. They often require pruning and maintenance for general up-keep and to avoid possible risk or damage to property and persons. We offer fully comprehensive tree care services to prune, manage and maintain all genres of tree species, large and small. Tree services include, tree climbing and chainsaw work; individual tree inspection and risk assessments; tree inventories as well as woodland surveys and management recommendations.

LandCare TreeCare offers on-site advice and consultation on garden, land and tree related inquiries and issues.

Contact Mr. Desmond Simpson for consultations, advice and bookings.