Virak - Project Management and People Skills

Consulting, coaching and training in Project Management and People Skills in English, French, German, Italian. Personalized and focused Thinking Partners to help you succeed in your projects.

As Thinking Partners, we can help you to succeed in your projects with less worry and more certainty.


We use a proven, practical and pragmatic methodology for setting project teams up for success from the start. Pre-launch efforts provide you with a well defined scope, clear roles, and commonality of purpose. This translates into improved quality, performance, efficiency and mutual profitability for all involved parties.

Our many years of experience in Project Management ensure that we help you move projects forward towards your key objectives. We use a Project Management Implementation Process based on PMI that has been used extensively on highly successful projects around the world, and which allows us to consistently exceed our clients expectations.

Problems that lead to failure attack projects of all size, in all industries. These problems are rarely due to lack of hard work or effort on the part of the project team. However, they can cause financial and legal catastrophe. Left unchecked, problems can become systemic, causing a once reputable firm to have astonishingly consistent performance gaps in their projects. Our consultants quickly and accurately identify the root causes of project derailment and work in partnership with your team to get things back on track.