Yukako W. Chang, Psychological Counseling/Therapy, MS, NCC, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Mindfulness and body-centered approach. Experienced psychological counselor/therapist working with relationship issues, anxiety and worries, trauma, depression, stress and burnout, decision making, life transitions. U.S. trained, MS in Counseling, National Board Certified Counselor. Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Multicultural counseling in English and Japanese.

Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed? Are you experiencing difficulties in a relationship? Are you finding it hard to turn off your anxiety and worries? You don't have to struggle alone. I can help you work through your challenges and open up more possibilities. 

I combine talk therapy with a mindfulness-based, body-centered approach. The body holds untold stories that we might not be aware of in our ordinary state of mind. In our session together, you are gently guided into mindfulness for self-exploration. I believe that through mindful attention to our body, we can get to know ourselves in a much deeper way, making profound and lasting changes possible. 

Common issues:

  • Relationship with others, such as your partner, family members or co-workers
  • Relationship with yourself, such as low self-esteem, perfectionism and self-destructive behaviors
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress management and burnout
  • Life transitions, such as cultural adjustment, decision making, becoming a parent, loss and grief