Zoo de Servion

The Servion zoo houses felines and primates, Nordic and local fauna. Restaurant and childrens playground located on the site. Open all year from 09:00-18:00 (17:00 in the winter). Based near Lausanne on the edge of the Jorat forests, 1077 Servion.

Situated on the edge of the Jorat forests in a relaxing and enchanting environnement, the Zoo of Servion is entirely dedicated to northern wildlife, big cats and small primates. Resolutely turned towards the family, our park is currently home to over 200 animals representing 60 species on a surface of approximately 55,000 m2. Promoting the human dimension and maintaining a family structure, we can offer you a friendly welcome and ensure optimal living conditions for all our residents. Thus, along a way with benches and shaded areas, we give you the unique opportunity to meet small primates including lemur with turquoise eyes, to discover northern wildlife (Arctic wolves, arctic foxes, reindeer, american bison, brown bears ...) and to observe massive predators (lions, lynx, snow leopards and the famous Siberian tiger, the emblem of our zoo). More than just a zoological park, the Zoo of Servion is a place favoring encounters and conviviality. The restaurant, with a shady terrace and a large picnic area offers to our visitors a variety of opportunities to eat, share unforgettable moments and entertainment. Modern playgrounds have been specially designed for your children. Open every day of the year, the Zoo of Servion evolves with seasons which makes each visit unique. So you will find changing atmospheres punctuated each spring by happy births.