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Help with social housing for refugees 0 General
My friend's 84 year old father is still in Damascus, and he realises it is really time to go. He has Swiss natio...
started by: Nadine1965 · last update: 1490126237 · posted: 1490126237
Chamber music group? 2 Entertainment
Hi I'm look...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1485653330 · posted: 1464637420
Top 10 New Year’s resolution - is your... 0 General
2017 is almost coming. Have you thought about your New Year’s resolution yet? Are you curious what other peopl...
started by: Jennie · last update: 1483089211 · posted: 1483089211
Proper site 0 Home & Garden
Hello ?Looking for the most visited up to date job vacancy websites and links. Thanks in advance.
started by: odnoo · last update: 1479682337 · posted: 1479682337
Ford Maverick 4x4 2006 77,000 kms 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
We are selling a great Ford Maverick2.3 litre petrolSilver - in great conditionMounted with...
started by: trueblue-139328 · last update: 1478415623 · posted: 1478415623
Luscious Tresbon Cookery and Dance 1 General
started by: Lava-Shan-873717 · last update: 1478255623 · posted: 1478251072
Marriage counselling 0 AngloINFO Support
HiThis is a very personal one and wondering if anyone can recommemd a counsellor to mediate? A reasonable...
started by: Marinella-Flackett-870471 · last update: 1474749506 · posted: 1474749506
Asian lady looking for job 0 General
Hello, Madame! I'm looking for a job like babysitting housekeeping. I'm good and honest person with good ...
started by: sheila baumgartner · last update: 1474412455 · posted: 1474412455
Pair of female Whippets urgently looking... 0 Pets & Animals
Whippet Rescue UK is helping to rehome “Francette” & “Doucette” – bonded pair of French Pedig...
started by: allthehounds · last update: 1472293749 · posted: 1472293749
Looking for a nanny job in Geneva 0 Non-local
Hello,  I'm Andra. I'm living in Bali, indonesia. I am a very outgoing and friendly Indonesian who is looki...
started by: andra04-10037785 · last update: 1469614613 · posted: 1469614613
Home based business 0 AngloINFO Support
Hi,I need some advice and guidance.  I am thinking of starting a manicure and pedicure (or nail spa) workin...
started by: sabrina-tsui-864370 · last update: 1468312695 · posted: 1468312695
Need a child psychiatrists doctor in Gen... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, Do you know who is the best child psychiatrists doctor in Geneva?I'm trying to find a good ...
started by: Ruba-aziz-863786 · last update: 1468255018 · posted: 1468255018
Climbing, bouldering - regionally 1 Sport & Leisure
I know this question has come up previously - 'Where in Switzerland or the nearby region can I go roc...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1466677057 · posted: 1466677057
Lady travel buddies 1 Sport & Leisure
Hi.I'm a local Polish female looking for female travel buddy for short trip. Anyone that might be...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1466676817 · posted: 1466676817
indie/alt music bars 1 Entertainment
Hi I'm new to Switzerland (1week in) and I'm wondering is there anywhere you can go for a few beers that...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1466675920 · posted: 1466675920
Jazz Bars in Switzerland 1 Entertainment
Ok guys, just wonder if any of you have been to any jazz bars recently? Any reviews?Any suggestion will be grea...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1466675723 · posted: 1466675723
How to choose a country club? 1 Entertainment
Hello, ...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1466675484 · posted: 1466675484
Musicians/ Music Lovers? 1 Entertainment
Hey all - just moved back here after a couple of years in England. I'm looking for fellow passionate mu...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1464631134 · posted: 1464631134
Where to find reasonably priced contact ... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello! I recently went to an optician to get a quote for how much it would cost to get a month's suppl...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1463407809 · posted: 1463407809
Jazz bars in Switzerland 0 Entertainment
Ok guys, just wonder if any of you have been to any jazz bars recently? I'm trying to find a cool bar with ...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1463407223 · posted: 1463407223
Musicians/ Music Lovers? 0 Entertainment
Hey all - 25M just moved back here after a couple of years in England. I'm looking for fellow passionate m...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1463405402 · posted: 1463405402
Looking for a partner to learn rock clim... 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi I am looking for buddies to learn rock climbing. Female here.
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1463405216 · posted: 1463405216
Flea Markets- Where? 0 General
Looking for street market where public simply sell their unwanted items (no traders allowed).In UK norma...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1463157350 · posted: 1463157350
20s Business Student Looking for Friends 0 Entertainment
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1463157211 · posted: 1463157211
New to this forum, looking for help with... 1 General
Hi all,Can anyone suggest venues wh...
started by: Meenu · last update: 1461103171 · posted: 1461103069
Newborn fee trap: mother has foreign hea... 0 Families & Kids
We recently received a bill for newborn fees of over 2000 CHF from our hospital in Geneva. The mother has Americ...
started by: Wells-Wulsin-856441 · last update: 1460798975 · posted: 1460798975
Zurich to Geneva 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Our services like Basel to Zurich and shuttle that would be very rapid transfer and from airport to city. Whether y...
started by: transferservicech · last update: 1459500277 · posted: 1459500277
Dog walker/ Pet sitter 0 Pets & Animals
Hello! Looking for somebody to walk your dog or pet sit?
started by: Christopher-Loader-853785 · last update: 1458763794 · posted: 1458763794
Dental care in Switzerland vs. dental ca... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi everyone, I am having some major problems with my teeth and gums and will need t...
started by: Therese-Hoeritzauer-852805 · last update: 1458135734 · posted: 1458135734
Pet sitter 4 Pets & Animals
Hi there! Having a vacation on holidays? Going out of town? And looking for a pet sitter, housekeeper and wateri...
started by: Irica · last update: 1456655816 · posted: 1455039226
Unpaid LPP employer contribution 1 Financial & Legal
My former employer made me redundant on the 14th of a month and failed to make the LPP employer contribution to ...
started by: Sandra1-10056732 · last update: 1456232314 · posted: 1445871547
Horse stabling with good outriding 1 Sport & Leisure
Hello, I will be moving to Geneva soon for a new job and am looking to live across the border in France. ...
started by: allie-d · last update: 1455616166 · posted: 1449528069
frenchlearning 0 General
Bonjour,you want or you need to speak French ? Vous voulez ou vous devez parler França...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1455541977 · posted: 1455541977
Process for school admission for 8 year ... 0 Families & Kids
Dears, My friend from Inida is coming to Neuchâtel this summer and will stay for a year. He will be acc...
started by: anijok · last update: 1455150040 · posted: 1455150040
French Classes 0 General
Do you want to learn French in a relaxed environment? Did you make a new resolution and haven't got round to fin...
started by: ExpatsYou · last update: 1454004120 · posted: 1454004120
Excellent British Style Sausages and bac... 1 Food & Drink
As an Englishman, I have found the sausages and bacon in the region to be not as good as back in the UK. However...
started by: Matt Cropper · last update: 1453814779 · posted: 1452345721
Easiest way to have BBC and UK TV channe... 0 Entertainment
Having tried Swisscom TV (useless) and shunned Cablecom (too expensive) I have found the ideal set up that, as o...
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1449691955 · posted: 1449691955
Changes to State pension age for women 3 General
  A new campaign group has recently formed in the UK called WASPI (Women Against State Pension I...
started by: patty-549001 · last update: 1449606383 · posted: 1446831251
Bird Boarding/Hotel/Kennel needed (Genev... 0 Pets & Animals
Hello! I am moving to Geneva shortly with two Meyer's Parrots. I travel occasionally and need to find a r...
started by: pjfreedman · last update: 1448265653 · posted: 1448265653
Rules for using a French registered boat... 0 Sport & Leisure
I have a boat which is registered in France. I'm wondering if it's possible to bring it to the lake here and kee...
started by: GilesFC · last update: 1446501163 · posted: 1446501163
Ready to make a difference? Volunteer wi... 0 General
USA Girl Scouts Overseas in Geneva is seeking motivated, committed and responsible individuals to be part of bri...
started by: USAGSO Geneva · last update: 1445969456 · posted: 1445969456
English Speaking Doctors in Annemase, Fr... 0 General
I'm looking for English Speaking Doctor in Annemase/ Etrembieres/ St. Julien/ Veyrier Geneva.
started by: mamaV · last update: 1445115904 · posted: 1445115904
British style Sausages and Handmade Baco... 0 General
Check out the food and drinks blog for details of the high quality locally made British-style c...
started by: PhilC-10055300 · last update: 1444738901 · posted: 1444738901
British style Sausages and Handmade Baco... 0 Food & Drink
High quality British style sausages and Hand made Bacon (made in Lyon to AS standard) are now available at The M...
started by: PhilC-10055300 · last update: 1444738325 · posted: 1444738325
Furniture for sale-moving out of Geneva 0 Home & Garden
Hi  I am moving out of Geneva end of the month  and I am selling the whole furniture.  I m...
started by: DacaKav · last update: 1444585855 · posted: 1444585855
IshopinUSA - online shopping in USA 0 General
Hello everybody,  Are you looking for an item that is not available in Switzerland?  Would you ...
started by: Tako-T · last update: 1444226980 · posted: 1444226980
Looking for a piano 2 General
my granddaughter has decided she needs a learn to play!does anyone have a learners piano to sell or di...
started by: glendower-797411 · last update: 1444125424 · posted: 1443901572
Chomage in's & out's - Swiss info supers... 0 Financial & Legal
Hi all,Ok so I have a few questions about the chomage, mostly about:- how they calculate what ...
started by: JessicaMage · last update: 1444075940 · posted: 1444075940
Looking for a native english part-time n... 1 Families & Kids
Hi, I'm looking for a native english part-time nanny for my 1 year old baby boy. I live in Eaux Vi...
started by: Eleonora-10054157 · last update: 1444050607 · posted: 1443803177
Looking for a baby sitter/child minder 0 Families & Kids
Hello, I am looking for a childminder. My boys are 5 & 3 years old - this will be for odd evenings and may b...
started by: mamaV · last update: 1443702599 · posted: 1443702599