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Straightforward legal questions 0 Financial & Legal
Hi! I'm an English speaking lawyer in Geneva. Happy to reply to any simple legal queries through this discussion pa
started by: RENUKA-CAVADINI-920633 · last update: 1517306233 · posted: 1517306233
Poetry as Transformative Healing tool 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Looking for all “students of life” interested in broadening their education through a capsule course examining
started by: Megandaypb · last update: 1516022034 · posted: 1516022034
A Brief Overview of Some Interesting Facts... 0 General
Body art, self-graffiti, fashionable ink accessories- each ofthe expressions depict a tattoo’s physical nature. I
started by: davidpreston · last update: 1515763570 · posted: 1515763570
Advice = ADHD assessment 0 Families & Kids
I am looking for recommendations for an English speaking professional to conduct an assessment for ADHD (in English
started by: Alex-Ross-914940 · last update: 1510931693 · posted: 1510931693
English speaking community 0 General
Hi i just moved to annemasse france about 30 mins from geneva. I'm looking for an english speaking community around
started by: Rani-Mezailles-911576 · last update: 1507640097 · posted: 1507640097
Puppy and travel 1 Pets & Animals
How soon after our puppy has had its rabies shots can I travel outside of Switzerland with her?
started by: Sarah CW · last update: 1506338869 · posted: 1506262484
Same sex marriage 2 Financial & Legal
Is it legal here or if you get married in another country would the marriage be recognised here, asking for friends
started by: Sarah CW · last update: 1506246500 · posted: 1504550449
Vegemite 1 Food & Drink
Can anyone tell me where we might be able to buy 'Vegemite'from in Geneva please?
started by: Dave W-839 · last update: 1506246341 · posted: 1506076120
communal vs individual water tank 0 Home & Garden
I am in the south of France now and the problem I encountered here is that I do not have enough hot water to take s
started by: Valerie-T-906599 · last update: 1505948883 · posted: 1505948883
Thai Restaurant Recommendation 3 Food & Drink
Can anyone recommend a really good Thai restaurant in the centre of the city of Geneva.
started by: spitfire-182482 · last update: 1505726360 · posted: 1504727804
Interested in Coaching Football to children... 0 Families & Kids
Children’s football coaching company InterSoccer, are looking forcoaches / want to be coaches who would like to c
started by: MarketingIntersoccer · last update: 1504012475 · posted: 1504012475
Looking for translator french to english(american) 0 General
Hello,I am looking for  a person to translate children books and comics books from french to english. I prefer
started by: serge2134-188922 · last update: 1503947050 · posted: 1503947050
Charity to help homeless / refugees 1 General
HI all.  We are selling our secondary residence at the end of this year (compromis signed ).  We have no
started by: trueblue-139328 · last update: 1501253286 · posted: 1500818960
Language Exchange. My Spanish/French for... 0 General
Hi, I'm a -not so- young professional (36 yo) living in Geneva center. I'm looking for someone to practice my Engli
started by: Miguel Angel-Pliego Pobo-853041 · last update: 1499860440 · posted: 1499860439
Villa in Clarens/Montreux SELLING!! 1 Home & Garden
Hi,everybody!! We are selling our lovely house in Clarens ( 5 minutes till Montreux).The house is built in 1920,ren
started by: Tatyana-906853 · last update: 1498141762 · posted: 1497958187
Looking for someone to correct my english 0 General
Hello,I am a french scriptwriter. I will finish a comics book soon. 3 babies super heroes. I will publish in french
started by: tommy2134-597050 · last update: 1496253775 · posted: 1496253774
Help with social housing for refugees 0 General
My friend's 84 year old father is still in Damascus, and he realises it is really time to go. He has Swiss national
started by: Nadine1965 · last update: 1490126237 · posted: 1490126237
Playgroup and playdate in Nyon 4 Families & Kids
Hello, About a month ago we moved to Crans-Pres-Celigny (very close to Nyon). After having settled in  a bit I
started by: jcondaras · last update: 1485653886 · posted: 1424883102
Chamber music group? 2 Entertainment
Hi I'm looking for people who are interested in forming a regular music group to practise string instruments toge
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1485653330 · posted: 1464637420
Top 10 New Year’s resolution - is yours... 0 General
2017 is almost coming. Have you thought about your New Year’s resolution yet? Are you curious what other people a
started by: Jennie · last update: 1483089211 · posted: 1483089211