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Hey everyone!My wife, daughter, and I live and work in Geneva for 12 years now (c-permit). My employer has offered me a 3 year expat position in the US and we agreed to relocate during the month April, pending US immigration approval. Our excitement level is pretty high since my wife is also pregnant and expected to deliver on June 21st. As she told her employer of the past 9 years about our expected relocation, her employer recommended to her to resign from her contract.It is our understanding that the resignation and relocation would lead to my wife loosing her entitlement to maternity for 16 weeks (which her employer tops up to 100% of the salary as a benefit).Ideally, my wife and I would like to settle this matter in a constructive way since she would like to continue working with the same employer in the US after taking time off for maternity.Do you have any advice or even own experience, how to retain my wife's entitlement to her maternity benefit in such a situation AND still have us relocating to the US in April? Thank you in advance!

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I was wondering what would happen for tax purposes if you were to say buy a house in 1 canton and then rent a house in a different one. which would be your canton of taxation? How is it decided, or do you just declare one as being your main residence? Anyone got any ideas?

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Hi guys, Does anybody know a fiduciare in Lausanne?I need somebody who speaks English to help me with my taxes and a business plan!Thank you!

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We bought an air-conditioner (split type) at 2000CHF this summer but it broke after less than 2 months of normal usage. One of the cable which connects interior and exterior units got broken. The seller (ecotech-geneve.ch) who offered 2 years guarantee says it is not covered as it was caused by the incorrect usage. We were using it normally so we want to argue it was due to the poor quality of the product. We had a similar product before this one and it lasted 15 years with the same way of usage. They told us they can not even fix it and we ourselves need to look for a technician. I called several companies and they all tell me we should go back to the seller and ask for help as the repair will be very complex and expensive (at least 600CHF). I want to know if it is wise to sue this company or we need to simply give up. Could anyone give some advice?

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Hi! I'm an English speaking lawyer in Geneva. Happy to reply to any simple legal queries through this discussion page.

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Is it legal here or if you get married in another country would the marriage be recognised here, asking for friends who are soon to move here from USA for work.

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My former employer made me redundant on the 14th of a month and failed to make the LPP employer contribution to my pension scheme for those 14 days, citing the fact the pension scheme provider would only accept the contribution if a person was employed for 16 or more days in a month. My former employer violated the conditions of contract by terminating the contract in the middle of the month, rather than at the end, as per the organizational rules and regulations. The contract also stated that I would receive full pension provision until the end of the contract. I have requested the 14 days of LPP employer contribution and they have said they will look into it. Am I legally entitled to this sum of money and if so, under what law or jurisdiction? Many thanks, Sandra1

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Hi all,Ok so I have a few questions about the chomage, mostly about:- how they calculate what you receive each month, and- the time between being fired and going and signing up. Info:I have worked for for 1 year and 7 months in the last 2 years.I finished my notice at the end of June this year, and already had a long holiday to Central America booked, so without a job, I extended it, as I hadnt ever taken a holiday longer than 2 weeks in my life.I have been searching for work the whole time since May.I have been on the chomage before 2 years ago.So the 3 main questions:- how do they calculate your monthly? is from the literal last 6 months or the last 6 months of work? (so Jan-Jun or Apr-Oct)- Will I be penalised for not signing up straight away? despite the fact that ive been looking for work?- Will the punishment be worse the longer I dont sign up? As I assume I will be penalised for not signing up immediately.I am visiting family in London, and may help my sister with her renovation work (free labour!)Ok, well thanks for taking the time to read this and any solid answers would be much appreciated :)Jess 

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Wanted Legal and Forensic Accountants,plus Geneva Canton groups and former PICTET staff for testimony in GENEVE and NEW YORKA group of USA trust fund "investors" thought they had passive accounts on the books of PICTET. INSTEAD of sending out legitimate monthly statements, PICTET helped a disbarred broker by sending out statements for him in a massive up to $90 million ponzi scheme. AS in the Madoff affair, Madoff sent out false and fraudulent documents. In this case PICTET sent out the fraudulentdocuments themselves in order to collect large fees. This way it APPEARED that these accounts were legitimate when in fact they weren't. We seek Geneva Attorneys, accountants, forensic examiners and any "insiders" as EXPERT witnesses to uncover ALL the fraud being engaged in by what was thought to be a legitimate bank. Instead their alleged purpose was to simply generate fees for themselves. EVEN after the SEC in the USA uncovered this fraud, PICTET continued to charge fees and drain whatever was left in these accounts with little or no concern as to how it would appear. We are seeking counsel on both sides of the Atlantic as we have been given permission from the Receiver to proceed toute de suite against them. We will also need a PR expert who will advise the Swiss and USA press about the goings on as we file for various discovery and file expected venue and other motions in both USA and Geneva. Please contact us at 125 S State Rd 7 104-150 WPB FL 33414 USA with curriculum vitae and any proposal you may have. We expect litigation to go on for quite a few years, as the intransigence of these people is quite unbelievable. BUT we are prepared to proceed for the long haul WHATEVER IT TAKES as RIGHT IS RIGHT and WRONG IS PICTET. Truth and Justice will prevail whatever the cost. In the mean time we fully expect all of Pictets accounts to be disgorged by US courts, as well as proceeding with whatever is necessary to disclose to us the PICTET American accounts as we will disclose those immediately to the Receiver and SEC. The intransigence of Pictet will be met document for document no matter what the cost in both usa and geneva. Unfortunately for Pictet, the massive publicity surrounding their cooperation with unlicensed personnel and their sending out false and fraudulent documents and conspiring to do same, will result in a massive upheaval in their account base unfortunately, because they are quite short sighted and unable to understand compassion or understand right from wrong.Once accounts begin fleeing from Pictet, we believe that we might be able to cut the litigation time in half, say from 10 years to 4 or 5 years. So we are preparing for this and this is one step in our preparation. Thank you for your response. e mail us here or mail us snail mail directly. Thank you again and hope you have a great day. Respondez s'il vous plait toute de suite ASAP. MERCI

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I'm an independent yoga teacher and 2014 would have been my first year in business. I have done all my bookkeeping and am looking for someone to help show me how to fill in the relevant tax forms especially the independent worker's form to be attached to the tax return. I am looking for a friendly rate from anyone who has experience of this! I do not think the work would take very long as it is very simple but the quote I got from a Nyon-based fiduciare was way too expensive as they cater for big companies not small income businesses like mine. My deadline is June 30th 2015. Thanks for replying with any advice!!

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I need someone experienced in french tax to handle my taxes. Preferably someone who speaks english. Pleasea contact 079 472 3987

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I am looking for someone who knows French immigration/residency regulations for a dual USA/Brit citizen living in France. Thanks. Kristine

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I need someone to complete my Vaud tax return - just a small company or independent, not a large expensive consultancy. It should be straightforward. Can anyone recommend someone? 

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Hi, I will be moving to Switzerland in November ando would like to know if anyone a an recommend someone who understands the UK and Swiss tax systems tax I need advice on whether it is best to keep investments in the UK or to ove them to Switzerland. Thanks

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Hi, Does anyone know of a good tax advisor who can tell me about my tax obligations? It ideally needs to be someone conversant with UK tax, Swiss tax, and UN tax! I'm a UK citizen and work as a consultant in the UN - moved here in August and will remain till the end of the tax year in all probability. Any help gratefully received! Sho

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I want to open up a carpentry business and my question is once i do that what are the laws on hiring people to work for me that are not from a EU country?  

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  Could anyone advise me on whether it is legal to co-lease an apartment in the names of two people, friends, in the Canton of Geneva?    I am a Swiss citizen, now living abroad, and wish to return to my home of 38 years in the foreseeable future. Thank  you.

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Does anyone know an accountant who can help? (Not an investment advisor.)

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Hi there, thank you to anyone that can provide me with some guidance I live in an apartment with a garden, in the garden there is the access to the fuel tanks used to store the fule for the heating of the apartments. About 2 months ago my wife phoned me to tell me that 2 big tanks had been deposited in our garden - we were not warned or told about this beforehand. The fuel was subsequently drained from the underground tanks and placed into the tanks in my garden. The estate agent then came around (after us fighting with the concierge) and explained that they are cleaning the underground tanks and that the tanks in our garden will be reomved in about 10 days. 2 months later the tanks are still and the explanation we received is that they found a hole in one of the underground tanks and that they will be replacing the heating system for the buidling. We have asked the estate agent numerous times and we keep getting a reply that they don't know how long it will take. The question I have is whether I have any legal recourse to either have the tanks removed or to receive a reduction in rent. I am happy to do this via legal counsel but I would first like to know if there is a case here.   Thank you fo reading

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Just wondering if anyone has any insight into what determines eligibility for the Permis C ? I am EU (Ireland) and have been in Switzerland since 2006 (six + years now). My permis renewal just came back and it is still B.  I thought by now I was eligible for the C? I know that it is never a one-size-fits-all situation with the OCP, and every nationality is treated somewhat differently, but does anyone know more about this confusing process? I have a German and Mexican (not even EU) friend who just received their Permis C after 5 years in Geneva. I am considering hirign an immigration attorney just to find out more. Any advice, including reasonable lawyer referrals appreciated.

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