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Our nanny wants to rent her own apartment and has asked us to be the guarantor for her. She said she will take care of the financial, we just have to sign the contract as a guarantor. What does that mean for us? What would be the implication if we would to help her? She is really nice and we have trust her with our son and our house, but we don't know what does it mean legally? Any advice on this matter would greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sunshine Enjoy,


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I think that would mean that if she couldn't pay the rent you'd have to pay it for her.

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Jo is right. If she doesn't pay, you are responsible for the payments.

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Or if she trashes the place you are responsible.

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Can she not go to SmartCaution.ch or SwissCaution.ch? These are companies to which you pay an annual premium instead of paying the 3 months rent guarantee to the owner/estate agent.

You could offer to supply her with an attestation of guarantee of employment (for the fixed duration of the agreement you have) which would safeguard your interests in case she terminates her employment with you and does a runner, leaving you with the liability of her apartment.

But I'm not a lawyer...

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