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  Could anyone advise me on whether it is legal to co-lease an apartment in the names of two people, friends, in the Canton of Geneva?    I am a Swiss citizen, now living abroad, and wish to return to my home of 38 years in the foreseeable future. Thank  you.

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joy pattinson 1376296893

Hello Judy, I was for nine years with ASLOCA, tenancy protection association in Nyon. I can tell you there can be big problems if you have somebody else living in your place. I know a Swiss lady who had let her house to a lady. She wanted to move back into it herself and it took many years in Court and in litigation to get her out. In the end it was so complicated she just moved away as in this country 77% of the population RENT properties and they are the ones protected, not the owners. I would suggest you contact ASLOCA NYON who can give you all details.  Best wishes and luck.  Joy

JudyShaw 1376330746


Thank you so much for your reply.   I am not overly concerned about my friend leaving when I want to reclaim my home which I have held a lease on since 1975, and I feel it is truly my home.   What I am concerned about is that the Regie informed me that I do not have the right legally to let someone stay in my apartment without a specific date for my return home on a full-time basis - I cannot give a specific date at this time.  When I searched the ASLOCA site in Geneva, I found that they do not specify how long I can be absent for.  This was the reply from the Regie:

Nous vous rappelons que la sous-location à durée indéterminée telle que prévue dans le contrat de bail de sous location avec Monsieur  xxxxx est interdit en Suisse.   Etant donné que cet appartement est sous-loué depuis plusieurs années, nous refusons ce nouveau contrat de sous-location et nous vous prions de bien vouloir réintégrer votre appartement ou de résilier votre contrat de bail au 30 septembre 2013 d’ici le 31 août 2013 au plus tard.

I am considering simply moving my furniture back to the apartment in September and staying/sharing when I visit as it is a two bedroom apartment.   My friend would be there as well, so it would be simply a co-location.   I have never asked for a centime more than the rent and, in fact, have always paid it myself and been reimbursed.  Do you have any thoughts on this?   Did you actually work for ASLOCA?

Thank you for your thoughts, and kind regards.

Figlear 1376387856

JUDY I do not wish my details to be posted on AngloInfo regarding a personal response to you about your flat. I think AnglOinfo SHOULD AFFORD ME THE RIGHT TO EMAIL YOU DIRECTLY. If they agree to this request then they will furnish you with my email address with this, my permission. Regards

JudyShaw 1376406638

Yes, of course, I would like to hear from you regarding my current posting.   I assume, by saying this, that AngloInfo will automatically give you my address?  If not, please post again and I will somehow get my address to you.

joy pattinson 1376407010

Judy try perfidia35@yahoo.com

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