Arriving in Geneva end June 2007

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I've just accepted a job in Geneva (which I'm very excited about) and they want me to start asap. I have a few questions though. Roughly how long does it take to get a work permit for an EU citizen and could I start without it anyway?Also where is the best place to live if you are working near the airport and don't have a car? I'm single so don't need to worry about schools but I do like sailing and golf so being near to places I could do either or both of these would be great! Also this is my first job so I'm not wealthy!!Any help would be useful :-)Mark

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Congratulations on your job and welcome to Geneva! I am sure you will love it here!

As an EU citizen, you can start working immediately, and your permit will follow promptly. The key thing is that your employer registers you with the authorities straight away.

If you work close to the airport, you might want to live across the border in France, in Ferney Voltaire, Prevesin, towards Gex, even Saint Genis. The accommodation is cheaper and there is more choice and this is where lots of international people live. However, you will need a car if you live there. But having your own car is a good idea anyway around here, especially as you like golfing and sailing....



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You have a choice which side to live - you salary package v tax and accomodation costs may fous your ultimate decision - Best to get some experienced advice before making the final decision. Clealry you will pay tax in the country you live in.

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