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Is there any bank that has branches both in the US and Geneva? I was hoping I could open an account before I arrived in Geneva here in the states. I though HSBC would work but it looks like they don't have branches in Geneva? I'm trying to figure out a way that my US employer will be able to direct deposit checks into a US account that I can then access in Geneva with very few, if any fees (other than the expected exhange rate issue...)

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grynch 1171637455

HSBC has offices here... I dont know maybe they only handle private banking, but they certainly have offices...perhaps its worth your checking them out....


sept_swiss 1171679639

Hey thanks. I've been trying to figure out what "private banking" means. Can someone explain it to me? It does seem that HSBC has some branches in Geneva but they may just be the private banking type.

Jivebaby-134257 1171716823

HSBC are indeed in Geneva - they, like most of the other International banks offer Private Banking and Institutional/Corporate Banking. On the Private side read this as Very-High-Net-Worth (thta are happy to pay for good service) AKA very wealthy.

Citibank may provide consumer banking is Switzerland, although though it is already heavily and adequately banked by the large domestic banks and the Cantonal Banks, so this is a long shot. Citi certainly offer web-bsed accounts to Europe in EUR, USD and GBP with easy switching.

Am easier task might be to call the US consulate/Embassy and ask the commercial attaché for a personal recommendation. The American UN employees may also have ideas.

It's unlikely that there will be a cheap solution-just perhaps a more convenience and hopefully not too extortionate service.


Ellen Wallace 1172150561

HSBC doesn't do consumer banking here, just the high networth. Citibank, more or less ditto. Your best bet is to open an account with one of the big two Swiss banks, UBS or Credit Suisse, but it depends on where you are in the US. You need to be in a big city to find a consumer branching bank for them. Because of US banking laws you're better off opening a Swiss account and using it in the US when you need to, rather than the other way around.

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sept_swiss 1172156122

Any thoughts on the e-banking options rather than traditional brick and mortar banks - such as E-Trade?

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