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Hi all,Ok so I have a few questions about the chomage, mostly about:- how they calculate what you receive each month, and- the time between being fired and going and signing up. Info:I have worked for for 1 year and 7 months in the last 2 years.I finished my notice at the end of June this year, and already had a long holiday to Central America booked, so without a job, I extended it, as I hadnt ever taken a holiday longer than 2 weeks in my life.I have been searching for work the whole time since May.I have been on the chomage before 2 years ago.So the 3 main questions:- how do they calculate your monthly? is from the literal last 6 months or the last 6 months of work? (so Jan-Jun or Apr-Oct)- Will I be penalised for not signing up straight away? despite the fact that ive been looking for work?- Will the punishment be worse the longer I dont sign up? As I assume I will be penalised for not signing up immediately.I am visiting family in London, and may help my sister with her renovation work (free labour!)Ok, well thanks for taking the time to read this and any solid answers would be much appreciated :)Jess 

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