E.U. members to Registered builder

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To all U.E Country members, is there any agreement between all members, that if you are registered builders in your country i.e., UK, Italy, etc. can you used your builder license in other E.U. country. thanks


Macon-140982 1254684852

no you have to register in that country france and suisse are very hot on it .

edcarl-142744 1254688309

Hi Macon

thanks , in France there are many registered in Italy that are doing a contraction, but don't know how they survive.

and many people believed like in Eastern EU , they can used thier lisence.


Macon-140982 1255450281

no you will find that they have a french siret number i have friends who use alot of italians and they need the siret number so the client can claim back there TVA.

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