Fuel Tanks in my garden

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Hi there, thank you to anyone that can provide me with some guidance I live in an apartment with a garden, in the garden there is the access to the fuel tanks used to store the fule for the heating of the apartments. About 2 months ago my wife phoned me to tell me that 2 big tanks had been deposited in our garden - we were not warned or told about this beforehand. The fuel was subsequently drained from the underground tanks and placed into the tanks in my garden. The estate agent then came around (after us fighting with the concierge) and explained that they are cleaning the underground tanks and that the tanks in our garden will be reomved in about 10 days. 2 months later the tanks are still and the explanation we received is that they found a hole in one of the underground tanks and that they will be replacing the heating system for the buidling. We have asked the estate agent numerous times and we keep getting a reply that they don't know how long it will take. The question I have is whether I have any legal recourse to either have the tanks removed or to receive a reduction in rent. I am happy to do this via legal counsel but I would first like to know if there is a case here.   Thank you fo reading

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