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According to the health insurance brochure, there is apparently a "List of Drugs" (LMT) and "List of specialties" (LS) of prescription drugs that can be claimed on your health insurance. Does anyone know where one can obtain a copy of these lists so you know when you can and cant claim your medicines?? Thanks

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Ana-134395 1178119379

Couldn't you ask your insurance company to provide you the list? I would have thought that each company has their own internal rules....

Katia-134778 1178546950

Hi, Ana's right. It very much depends on your insurance company and the kind of insurance coverage you have (basic, semi-private, private or international). The best is to contact them and ask them for the list. If you need to take costly treatment, in most cases you need to submit a request to the insurance beforehand (with medical background). Hope this is helpful.

R&G-134960 1178711665

Thanks for the feedback guys. I thought that there was a standard list for the whole of Switzerland that had been approved by the National Health Administration. Guess not :-)

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