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Hi I wanted to know if someone can help me. I have a home in nice france which i have had for 8 years. I just moved to switzerland just 2 years ago with my contracting I.T Job, and am currently domicile and have paid tax in zurich for 2 years. I would like to sell my property in france but the tax on the sale is now 33% on gain because of my domicile. France considers Switzerland outside of the EU. this is just too much for me to consider loosing and runs into a very large amount.For the previous years I was based in Germany on french property after 6 years the tax drops from 16% to 11% if you are based in any other EU country. what can I do how can I handle this.I thought about moving to the other side of the french border de-registering in switzerland and setting up my contracts there whilst commuting to switzerland on the train daily and working from home sometimes. But I suppose this causes some complications.For accountants this seems an impossible question and I cant get good advice only depends depends, risk.....If I have a french residents pass then i pay 0 tax. I would like to preserve my swiss job and setup some kind of structure that will enable me to sell my property with limited tax loss.If anyone has some ideas I would be really greatful.Paul W.

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hi Paul,

quite a late reply but I'm looking into moving from Nice to Geneva so just joined this forum. The only thing I think of that would help you is to be resident in France for two years. Once you've done that you can sell your property at any time in the future without paying Capital Gains Tax. You can only do this once with one property. However, given the high rates of taxation and social contributions in France (especially if you are single), you might find it cheaper to just pay the CGT. I would speak to a Notaire in France because there are deductions available if you've done work on the property etc so it might not be as bad as you think.


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