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Hello ! I would like advice from somebody who is in the same situation as mine. I have started a new job in Geneva, live in France and my partner is working in France (temporary position with Adecco); we have a daughter who does not go to school yet and who is looked after full time by a qualified child minder in France. As I have never worked in Geneva, the rules and laws are like Chinese to me and I just don't know what to go for regarding social security in particular and "mutuelle" that would cover the three of us. I was told the best is to keep my daughter under my social security cover (in that case, the taxes on my wage would be lower) and my partner should look for a separate "mutuelle". He has no "mutuelle" paid by his temp work and has been under my cover for as long as I have been working in France. Any suggestion on where to get a piece of info and a bit of advice ? Regards, the Irish Rover


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Have you found a solution for your family? I would be interested in hearing more, as we might have a similar issue in the near future.

Any help is appreciated.



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Hm, this is quite a specialised area... Have you tried contacting one of the insurance companies listed here:



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