How to avoid losing swiss maternity entitlement when moving to the US before birth? Thanks for your advice and thoughts!

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Hey everyone!My wife, daughter, and I live and work in Geneva for 12 years now (c-permit). My employer has offered me a 3 year expat position in the US and we agreed to relocate during the month April, pending US immigration approval. Our excitement level is pretty high since my wife is also pregnant and expected to deliver on June 21st. As she told her employer of the past 9 years about our expected relocation, her employer recommended to her to resign from her contract.It is our understanding that the resignation and relocation would lead to my wife loosing her entitlement to maternity for 16 weeks (which her employer tops up to 100% of the salary as a benefit).Ideally, my wife and I would like to settle this matter in a constructive way since she would like to continue working with the same employer in the US after taking time off for maternity.Do you have any advice or even own experience, how to retain my wife's entitlement to her maternity benefit in such a situation AND still have us relocating to the US in April? Thank you in advance!

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