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Does anyone have any experience of working as a Frontalier and also as a Swiss resident and can comment or do you know of a reliable person to advise on tax. The question is would it be cheaper for tax purposes to live and work in Switzerland as a one child family, currently we live in France and I travel over everyday. What would be the situation for a B permit or a C permit or does it not change? Schooling, any thoughts on this for France and Switzerland? With thanks Gwen Collins-Grieve

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We did the opposite move some 5y ago, getting a G permit after having a C one. Tax rates are roughly the same - they are even a bit better as communal tax is lower in France (small village in Pays de Gex) than in Geneva (Lancy). We don't regret it at all - housing is so much cheaper (and bigger - don't trust a swiss 120sqm "PPE" corresponds to a french 100sqm "habitable" - swiss count everything including outer walls, balcony etc!) and there is so much fresh air to breathe. Our kids go to a private international school so it doesn't make a difference, but you can put your kids to a public school in Geneva with a G permit (and this is what our neighbours do). The problem with swiss public schools is that kids need to be picked up at lunch time as schools close over midday, but I heard this is now starting to change.

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