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Just wondering if anyone has any insight into what determines eligibility for the Permis C ? I am EU (Ireland) and have been in Switzerland since 2006 (six + years now). My permis renewal just came back and it is still B.  I thought by now I was eligible for the C? I know that it is never a one-size-fits-all situation with the OCP, and every nationality is treated somewhat differently, but does anyone know more about this confusing process? I have a German and Mexican (not even EU) friend who just received their Permis C after 5 years in Geneva. I am considering hirign an immigration attorney just to find out more. Any advice, including reasonable lawyer referrals appreciated.

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phileas 1360605874

Are your six + years stay in Switzerland were all strictly proven to be for a stay in same canton? Have you been moving to another canton for a while or lived abroad for a period of time which will be deducted from the required time period to become eligible.

Borlyn4 1360616751

No, it has all been in one - canton of Geneva. Here is my approximate permit situation:

2006 Permis B student

2007 Permis B student

2008 Carte de Legitimation (Int'l Org)

2009 Carte de Legitimation (Int'l Org)

2010 Carte de Legitimation (Int'l Org)

2011 Permis B Family regrouping

2012 Permis B Family regrouping

2013 Permis B again

Could it be that the 3 yrs of Carte de Legitimation (while working with Int'l org where I did not pay taxes here) that this does not count toward the 5 yrs?

Thanks for any insight/thoughts


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