Rental contract advice needed please...

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I started a job in the Vaud area a couple of months ago and signed a rental contract for an apartment also in Vaud - taking up tenancy on July 1st. Everything was going well until my new company started to make people redundant, 3 or 4 people have been asked to leave in the last month. I'm still in my 3 month probation period so there is a chance (I hope a very slim chance!) that I could be asked to leave at the end of June. So, what can I do about the rental agreement? It stipulates a 3 month notice period but are there rules about losing one's job or cancelling the agreement before taking up residency? I'm sure the owner will find another tenant - it's in a good spot and has a private garden, but i just would like to be certain of the legal aspects... Thanks for all advice....

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