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Hi All -We're moving to Geneva shortly but we want to make sure we have all the necessary paperwork that real estate agencies or private landlords require in order to rent. Can anyone give us a list please? So far every time we've gone to look at a place we find out that we need some other document. As you all know, it's suicide not have everything because available apartments are so scarce. Below are the things I think we need but if we're missing something please let me know. 1. Visa or Work Permit2. Work Contract and Salary Info (To Prove that we have jobs)3. Three-Month's worth of pay. 4. Livre de Famille to establish French Citizenship5. Passports to establish ID6. Fingerprint (my husband's new job asked for this but hey, we have it available)Thanks

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The documents you need to have in order to rent accomodation here are:

- A copy of the passport or an ID card

- A copy of your Swiss residence permit

- Work contract and/or salary certificate signed by your employer

(or copies of the salary certificates for the last three months)

- If you are moving house within Switzerland: A certificate from your local "Office de Poursuite", which proves that there is no outstanding claim against you. If you are moving in from another country, I was told that you do not need this document.

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Deni, thanks so much.

We're just confused about the debt report because right now we still live on the French side in Gaillard for the time being. But we're trying to move forward on a place we found in Geneva.

Right now my husband has a "G" permit? for those living in France but work in Geneva. However, his company is changing the permit class now so that my he can be allowed to live in Geneva since we might have found a place. We just need to know if we need that attestation. Thanks again.

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