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Hi there Was wondering if anyone could help. I am interested in setting up my own samll business / working from home. Can anyone advise me on the tax and legal implications of this before I start? Many thanks Alison

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I do not know what type of business you plan to do. The simplest option is to become independent. This is very easy in Switzerland, you just declare yourself with AVS and pay your social charges yourself based on the income. Your profit/loss is added to your husband's revenue and taxes are declared jointly. You may or may not set up a company with the Commercial Registry as a sole trader. You do not have to register for AVS if your annual revenue is below 75'000 CHF.

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Thanks Ana, this is a great help!


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Sorry, what I wanted to say in my last sentence is that you do not have to register for VAT (not AVS) if your annual sales are below 75'000 CHF.

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Can I register with AVS on the internet or I have be in the country to do this. How long does it take.

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you need to be a swiss resident to register with AVS as an independent. Normally you go to your local "agence d'assurances sociales" (or your commune) and they give you a form to do it.

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