Steps to getting an apartment - WHO employees?

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So, I'm going to be working for the WHO (paid by a US organization). I've been told they won't give me a contract until I arrive there in September and they won't start my application for a work/residence permit until they give me a contract. Can this be possible? Don't I have to have a permit before I can get an apartment? And don't I have to have an address before I can get my things shipped into Switzerland? Any advice or reassurance would be appreciated! Thanks!


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Employees of international organisations do not need a work permit and receive a special identity card (Carte de L├ęgitimation). You can find more about the types of permits here:

Apparently, once you arrive here, you will be issued a temporary document until your "Carte de Legitimation" is ready (app. 6 weeks). For further information you can contact the WHO Helpdesk at

You can also contact the Geneva Welcome Center ( They offer practical assistance for the staff of the International organisations in Geneva.

Hope this is helpful. I wish you good luck with the move!


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Thank you so much. That is very helpful information!

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Sorry, just one more question - will I be able to get an apartment without the temporary document that I'll be given once I arrive here? Should I have them write a letter stating I will be working there?

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