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Hi, Does anyone know of a good tax advisor who can tell me about my tax obligations? It ideally needs to be someone conversant with UK tax, Swiss tax, and UN tax! I'm a UK citizen and work as a consultant in the UN - moved here in August and will remain till the end of the tax year in all probability. Any help gratefully received! Sho

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shobhadas 1378808595

Hmm, I'm surprised I've drawn a blank here.

Let me change my query a little. Perhaps there are other British consultants in Geneva working in the UN system who might be able to share some tax insights with me? Would be very much appreciated!

joy pattinson 1380525519

Since you are in the UN, you should contact the office of AFICS which is on ground floor in the UN. You may have to join them for a nominal fee to take advantage of their services, but they might be able to put you in touch with a tax adviser. Call them in UN. Also look up details of AMFIE. I hope this helps you.

shobhadas 1380525598

Thank you for that lead, I'll check it out. 

Howardd-149138 1381739673

Tax is very heavy here with many hidden taxes but if you are a UK tax payer there is a tax treaty  between UK and Switzerland still some Swiss taxes are not covered by this treaty you need to find a good international tax accountant.

Many people and companies are leaving Switzerland due to high taxes.

Figlear 1381751960

As with everything in life;  You get what you pay for!

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