tax declaration and treatment of investment funds

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Hello, I am new to this forum and wonder if anybody can help me out. I am working on my annual tax declaration for Vaud and need some clarification regarding the treatment of offshore investment funds. My first question is regarding the capital gains taxes: I was told that there is no capital gains tax in Switzerland. Can somebody confirm that this is correct? My second question is: if there is no capital gains tax, how are my investments taxed? I am talking about the equity funds with no annual distribution of dividends or income. Any help is appreciated. Regards, jmb


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You need to declare the taxable value of shares for your wealth tax. You should have received from your fund manager all the details.

As for the income tax, you need to declare your taxable net income. Again, this is something that your fund manager should have provided. You can also find the net investment income per share for all funds registered in Switzerland on the Swiss Federal Tax Authorities website


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