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Could anyone clarify how much taxes we would need to pay in Geneva or Vaud - we are a DINK couple (double income no kids) trying to work out where to live. Thanks.

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Shenaaz 1176391252

It very much depends on the type of working permit you have and the commune in which you live. The best is to contact the local commune where you might want to live and/or enquire at the human resources service of your employer.

Kind regards, Shenaaz.

nicky-134555 1176811352

At the moment, the taxes are somewhat cheaper in Vaud (at least for me and my husband), but I was told that the difference will become smaller over the next years. Where you pay tax, however, depends, on the work permit you have. For example, if you have a B permit, work in Geneva but live in Vaud, you will pay tax in Geneva.

Again, the best is to talk to a tax adviser, you can find some here:


Good luck!

Ana-134395 1177070995

It also depends if you are married or not. After we got married and before we had kids, we were worse off from the tax persepctive, because we had to do a joint tax declaration on a combined income, which resulted in higher taxes....

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