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My former employer made me redundant on the 14th of a month and failed to make the LPP employer contribution to my pension scheme for those 14 days, citing the fact the pension scheme provider would only accept the contribution if a person was employed for 16 or more days in a month. My former employer violated the conditions of contract by terminating the contract in the middle of the month, rather than at the end, as per the organizational rules and regulations. The contract also stated that I would receive full pension provision until the end of the contract. I have requested the 14 days of LPP employer contribution and they have said they will look into it. Am I legally entitled to this sum of money and if so, under what law or jurisdiction? Many thanks, Sandra1

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Hey Sandra,

I don't have an answer for you but I was wondering if you had found your answer?

Although its not an answer, if you know of a lawyer or if you have legal protection insurance, then they may be able to assist you in answering your question.

Kind regards,


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