Very small independent business looking for reasonable rate tax return filing assistance

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I'm an independent yoga teacher and 2014 would have been my first year in business. I have done all my bookkeeping and am looking for someone to help show me how to fill in the relevant tax forms especially the independent worker's form to be attached to the tax return. I am looking for a friendly rate from anyone who has experience of this! I do not think the work would take very long as it is very simple but the quote I got from a Nyon-based fiduciare was way too expensive as they cater for big companies not small income businesses like mine. My deadline is June 30th 2015. Thanks for replying with any advice!!

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You could possible get help at

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Since I posted the below ad. I have found a very helpful, understanding firm in Nyon, Fiduciare Reddani SA. They are excellent and understood all my financial worries as a small, independent business explaining all I needed to do without charging for their initial advice session which I took as a realy nice considerate offer.

I do not hesitate to recommend them to any expats in the area needing advice on their business affairs as they certainly not only know their stuff but are considerably understanding!

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