Wanted: Legal + Counsel to Sue PICTET due to Fraud

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Wanted Legal and Forensic Accountants,plus Geneva Canton groups and former PICTET staff for testimony in GENEVE and NEW YORKA group of USA trust fund "investors" thought they had passive accounts on the books of PICTET. INSTEAD of sending out legitimate monthly statements, PICTET helped a disbarred broker by sending out statements for him in a massive up to $90 million ponzi scheme. AS in the Madoff affair, Madoff sent out false and fraudulent documents. In this case PICTET sent out the fraudulentdocuments themselves in order to collect large fees. This way it APPEARED that these accounts were legitimate when in fact they weren't. We seek Geneva Attorneys, accountants, forensic examiners and any "insiders" as EXPERT witnesses to uncover ALL the fraud being engaged in by what was thought to be a legitimate bank. Instead their alleged purpose was to simply generate fees for themselves. EVEN after the SEC in the USA uncovered this fraud, PICTET continued to charge fees and drain whatever was left in these accounts with little or no concern as to how it would appear. We are seeking counsel on both sides of the Atlantic as we have been given permission from the Receiver to proceed toute de suite against them. We will also need a PR expert who will advise the Swiss and USA press about the goings on as we file for various discovery and file expected venue and other motions in both USA and Geneva. Please contact us at 125 S State Rd 7 104-150 WPB FL 33414 USA with curriculum vitae and any proposal you may have. We expect litigation to go on for quite a few years, as the intransigence of these people is quite unbelievable. BUT we are prepared to proceed for the long haul WHATEVER IT TAKES as RIGHT IS RIGHT and WRONG IS PICTET. Truth and Justice will prevail whatever the cost. In the mean time we fully expect all of Pictets accounts to be disgorged by US courts, as well as proceeding with whatever is necessary to disclose to us the PICTET American accounts as we will disclose those immediately to the Receiver and SEC. The intransigence of Pictet will be met document for document no matter what the cost in both usa and geneva. Unfortunately for Pictet, the massive publicity surrounding their cooperation with unlicensed personnel and their sending out false and fraudulent documents and conspiring to do same, will result in a massive upheaval in their account base unfortunately, because they are quite short sighted and unable to understand compassion or understand right from wrong.Once accounts begin fleeing from Pictet, we believe that we might be able to cut the litigation time in half, say from 10 years to 4 or 5 years. So we are preparing for this and this is one step in our preparation. Thank you for your response. e mail us here or mail us snail mail directly. Thank you again and hope you have a great day. Respondez s'il vous plait toute de suite ASAP. MERCI

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I am ready to help as an expert witness (if the matter falls within my domain of expertise).


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I am a Paralegal Linguist and Information Analyst normally working for auditors, inspectors, investigators (also fo4 the PCAOB here in Switzerland and Germany) and used to ediscovery, information management for specific information needs, text analytics and forensic investigations.

I am ready to help as an expert witness.

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