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HelloI am coming to live with my partner whom is moving with his job. We will both get residence permits but I am unsure if I will be able to get a work permit so that I can apply for jobs in Switzerland. Any advise will be appreciated. Thank you.


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Hi Marky,

If you hold an EU passport, then you are automatically eligible for a resident and working permit.

However, if you are not, then things are a little different. Do you already have a residence permit? If not and you are not an EU citizen, then be prepared for a lengthly process trying to get a residence permit. It took me almost 1 year to get a permit (I'm a US citizen and came over to be with my fiance) and during that period, I was not able to work.

However, you can still apply for positions with the hope that a company would be willing to sponsor you and apply for your permits. Keep in mind that to get a working permit sponsored, you generally need skills that are not readily available with the local Swiss workforce.

To sum up, if you are EU citizen, it should be no problem. if not, then be prepared to wait a while and be patient.

You may want to check out the Swiss Expat group on Yahoo Groups. They have many posts on permits, etc. in that group.

Good luck, Dan

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Thanks very much Dan,
Yes I have an EU passport and will soon have a residence permit, so you say it should be ok for me to seek a job there, which is good.


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