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In the USA, the majority of police arrests and records are a matter of public record, meaning that anyone can see them. In smaller towns, arrests are even published in the town news paper. What is the situation here in Geneva? If someone is arrested, is that information public record? If so, who do I ask or where can I find it?  

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Does anyone know of a good Geneva attorney, English-speaking and well-versed in social security issues and employment law in Switzerland? Thanks!

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Does anyone have experience with transfering a U.S. retirement account (401K or IRA) for the best tax situation? I understand the money will be subject to tax, but is there anyway to reduce the rate at which the money is taxed, anyway to avoid the 10% withdrawal penalty?Thank you in advance for any information.Cheers,EW

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We are planning to move from Geneva to Vaud.  What could be the issues in terms of paper work regarding changing the address? Permit, car registration, insurance - how difficult is change the address?

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I have a network marketing job and live in Klosters close to Davos Can I report it here in Switzerland as a legitimate job? Are online jobs registered here and how is it being done so I can continue staying in the country?        

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Hi, We had some building work done in 2010 and have paid our builder in installments all throughout the work as per his requests.He said he was too busy to issue invoices at the time and always asked us verbally or by SMS for the installments required and has only gotten around to doing the official invoices now. So last week he has issued us with an invoice which shows an outstanding amount due to him for basically the same amount as we already paid for all the work done and it states that it should be paid within 30 days. This invoice is a complete surprise to us as we thought we had paid him all throughout the actual build. I called him to discuss the invoice and he agreed to meet up last Friday, but then didn't show up!Does anyone know what the correct steps are to follow in a case like this? Do we have to send back the invoice with a written reply to say we do not agree? Are we forced to pay it? We do not have a quote for the amount he wants and don't know how he can issue invoices now, 1 and a half years later? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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The company (Assura) I applied for the health insurance says that I need AVS number. I am not working at the moment, expecting a baby. Have not worked in Switzerland before, so do nt have this social security number. Even in the application form they have not asked for it. How necessary it is? Is it possible to have an insurance without this number? In fact, we are paying for it already for two months, just they say they can't send us the card because of the lack of this number. What was your experience?

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Hello,Can anybody recommend a personal tax accountant that's knowledgable about the Netherlands/Switzerland taxation treaty? My wife and I moved to Geneva from the Netherlands last year and the Dutch authorities have just sent us a very thick form (in Dutch) that we need to return in order to settle our tax affairs there for the year 2011.It doesn't matter whether it's someone based in Switzerland or the Netherlands, as long as they can provide the service we require.Thanks,Eoghan

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I have heard from more than one source (one of them Swiss) that the minimum holiday entitlement goes up from 20 to 25 days for over 50s. However, I am stuggling to find any verification of this anywhere online (at least not in English). As I have now reached this milestone, and I only currently get 20 days holiday a year, I would like to know if this is actually true. Can anyone assist and/or point me in the direction of an official source of info on the subject? Many thanks

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Does anyone know an association for protection of consumers in France? I have a heating system installed last November and still under guarantee - and I have many problems with it not operating properly. I would like to know how to make a formal complaint against the company to hopefully get my money back and find a competent responsible company. With thanks.

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I have a Swiss AG registered company aged 6 years with all accounts and taxes paid up to date, However, I am now looking for a new affordable fiduciary and book keeping service. It's not a big company. And for the moment (until I find an affordable book keeper) the transactions annually are quite low. If you can provide such a service including director provision, please respond with contact info and I will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity. RegardsSteve J.

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Hello,Our family will be moving to Geneva in May. We are finding it very difficult to open a bank account--many of the banks we call are simply refusing to take American clients.Does anyone have any suggestions for a bank that is accepting Americans?In advance, thank you for any advice,Shane Morkin

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I have a question. My swiss partner is non-eu national and holding c permit. He is paying alimony for 2 kids. Is alimony obstacle for me and my partner to register partnership in switzerland please help me. Thank you

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anyone know where can i find a forex company? investor

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Hi, Just curious if anyone has any experience with obtaining a Chinese business visa through the embassy in Bern. I may need to go on a trip in just a couple weeks, so if I need one, I'll need the process to go smoothly... My biggest question is whether I need an appointment or if I can just show up - it's not obvious from their website, I can't get through on the phone, and their email box is full. These are not good signs! Thanks, Robb P.S. I'm American with a Swiss residence permit.

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Interested in knowing renters rights as the owner of my property claims she wants it back, and is writing to the regie to initiate the process. ASLOCA is in French, so I'm looking for the summary of what to expect. My lease was written for year to year turnover, unless one party expresses desire to change. It is 5.5 years that we've lived here. Moving will be a logistical nightmare due to instability in work, but we have C permits. thanks for any info.

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Help I am at my wit's end. I am a B permit holder and am are taxed at source and complete a declaration as I earn over CHF200k. In November 2009 I moved from canton of Vaud to Canton of Schwyz my fiduciare tells me that as I moved before the year end I should be taxed for 2009 at the Schwyz rate. My problem is thatafter over 30 telephone conversations, registered letters from myself and my fiduciare I still haven't received a final tax assesment or any refund. I have been deducted at least CHF 20k to much at the Vaud rate or 60-80k too much at the Schwyz rate. The Morges tax office do not seem to care and are quite often rude when I call. Is there anything I can do? It has really soured my view of the country thanks

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I opened a bank account with Credit Suisse last week together with a bank draft to deposit the money into the saving account. The bank draft was returned today and I was told, upon clarification with the bank, that they could not cash in the bank draft as I just "entered" a new relationship with them. They need at least 6 months with me before they can accept. I was not informed of this when I was at the bank opening the account and banking in the bank draft. And they charged me CHF20 for the returned bank draft. Does anyone encountered such problem before? I am having problem as it would be impossible to return to my home country to cancel the bank draft. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Can anyone tell me how I can find out where an American who spent his last year living in Geneva would have his will probated, if in fact it is being probated in Switzerland? He died in Geneva in 2008. Where should I start looking? Thank youSDR.

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Help! A 'friend' convinced me I was capable of completing my own tax return. I could find an accountant, but I have invested in some wretched French software and am determined to see it through. Does anyone know of an english website which will tell me what I can claim in France as a business expense? I am registered as a professional liberale and work as a Frontelier from home. I invoice clients in Switzerland. I would be grateful for any help which will prevent me from going mad or to jail. Janet.

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