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I am an Australian (with a British passport) living in Thonon Les Bains, France. I want to know if i can start a business in Switzerland ? I am working with a Manchester based company who are looking at importing plumbing fittings into Australia & they want me to be their agent. In France there is alot of red tape & is very complex Maybe i am not allowed to start a business at all in Switzerland with not being a resident or national etc.If someone can advise me on this it would be much appreciated. Kenmac

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hello My husband and I currently live in Thoiry france and would like to move to Nyon. We have french health /car insurance, french car but are employed in switzerland. We also require accomodation as I am leaving my current job where a flat is provided We are unsure of what is required to live in swizerland, any advice you can give us will be much appreciated. Will we need to change or insurance company to a suisse one? if so can anyone give us an idea of the cost? Will we need to register our car in suisse or are we ok to keep our french plates? Regards Erika

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Hi, We may have the opportunity to move over to Geneva, but living in France in a few months. However we have a mortgage in the UK that we'd want to keep, so are trying to understand the costs of rent, utilities, insurances etc if we were to move over so we can understand all our outgoings and what quality of life we're going to have.We'd be looking at living in a 3 bed place somewhere on the French border, Ferney-Voltaire, Thoiry, Annemasse etc... Does anyone have any idea of typical monthly costs inc rent, utilities etc?Similarly, working in Geneva but living in France, what is the general sort of deductions? We assumed it'd be circa 30% that we should assume we'll lose in income tax etc?Thanks

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Does anybody have the latest on the proposed French Health Tax to be imposed on Frontaliers from 2013-4? Jim

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Hi, I recently stopped working so all my pension money was moved to a company called Rendita.I am not sure when I will enter the work force again. Can I access this money? Or move it somewhere with a better return?Does anyone know the rules with this?Thanks

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Does anyone know if I can reduce my notice period and only give 1 month instead of 3 months? Let me know, thanks.

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Dear AngloInfo Community, I am a British passport holder, currently residing in the South of France and I will be starting full time employment with a Swiss (Lausanne) company, in 2011. I will continue to live in the South of France during my employment and wanted to ask the community for any advice on the administration that I need to do in regards to paying tax in France or Switzerland? I greatly appreciate any help that anyone can provide for me. Thank you in advance! Nick

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Hello! Any advice from other Canadians out there who are working with a UN agency in Geneva and living in France would be helpful in applying for all of the necessary documents. Thanks so much!

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Ive signed an agreement for a rental but not yet paid the 3 months deposit and not moven in. I no longer want the house. What are my options? Mercy

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Hi all, Any help is appreciated about setting up a French Legal Structure as a part time Consultant. Anybody any contacts of an English speaking accountant/legal adviser in France or some other advice which could help? Came across several legal structures like Enteprise Individuelle and Auto-Enterpreneur, but still not clear which is the best option. Merci! Alfred

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My UK passport is currently in London getting a load of visas added to it for various countries. I hope that DHL will get it back to me in time for me to fly to the UK in a couple of weeks time.However, if they don't manage it does anyone know if it's possible to travel from Switzerland to the UK (and back) using the Swiss CdL (with photo) as a valid travel document?Thanks

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Hi I am considering an opportunity in Geneva (in London at the moment),Part of the package is 2500 CHF per month in expenses for accomodation/travel/etc. I read somewhere about whether you would be considered expat or not or basically whether this would impact my eligibility to this allowance.Also can anyone suggest areas within a 30 min to 1 hour commute to geneva. The person I am speaking to suggests 2000-2500 for a 1 bedroom in geneva which is quite steep and I would need at lest 2 bedrooms

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Hello all!I will hopefully be moving to Geneva in the summer to begin PhD research. As part of the studentship, I will be expected to teach undergraduates regularly. Are prospective PhD students therefore normally issued with a student visa or a full employment visa? Will I be permitted to find work to top-up my grant given the cost of living? Are student grants normally subject to income tax in Switzerland?Any advice gratefully received.

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Hi Folks, We have been living in switzerland since march 2006 and my wife and I have both been paying AVS since our arrival. My wife will be 64 this year and I have been told that the retirement age for woman is in fact 64. This being the case can anyone tell me if she can collect AVS instead of paying it and also is there a minimum she would collect? Or if someone can recommend an english speaking accountant in Vaud who would be willing to answer questions (unlike my current accountants) I would be very grateful. regards bigstylianos

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Hello, I am looking for an immigration lawyer in Geneva. I am about to move to Geneva on a Swiss Work Permit. My wife is French, I want to understand if and when we could move to France (ie as a frontalier). If you know of any immigration law firms, please to reply to this thread with their contact details. Thank you in advance.

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I have recently moved to Geneva and am self-employed. I'm looking for a good, english-speaking tax advisor who can help me to complete my tax return. I've had a look at the advisors who are listed on this site, but would really like to hear from anyone out there who is in a similar situation to myself and who can recommend someone to help me. Also, if anyone has any other tips for the self-employed in Geneva, I would love to hear them, Thanks Dorian

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Hi - new to this forum so wanted to say Hello and Happy New Year. We have a chalet in Villars-Barboleuse and live in the UK. Having looked into the matter of our Will/s and ensuring the property is incorporated, we've received mixed advice to date. Our dilemma is whether a separate provision in our UK Will/s would be sufficient to ensure it devolves to our family member of choice, or whether we need to have something drawn up in our local canton of Vaud. Our local lawyer has said the UK provision is fine, although not yet in writing. However, I'm sure I've read somewhere back in the mists of time that a Swiss property that is not included in a Swiss Will would devolve to the Swiss Government / local canton (can't recall which) in the event of one or both of the owners deaths. If anyone has any further insight, would be most grateful to hear it. Many thanks

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Hello, I am applying to several universities in the EU and they require a certified (official) photocopy of my diploma, passport, other documents, etc. Does anyone know where in Geneva I can have this done? (A bank? Notary Public?)Thank you, your help is much appreciated.M.

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Hi, help I'm confused I've moved to France, St Genis, whilst working at Geneva Airport. However, one thing I didn't look clearly enough into, yep my own fault......was health insurance when I arrived here. We are a family of 5, wife and 3 small children 4yrs and under. I have made various investigations, with my employer, the Swiss social and UK revenue, the latter referred me to the E106/109 EU scheme, however, anyone I contact seems to know nothing of it here, we have also been steered toward the Carte Vitally French scheme and cannot make any progress there either. Does anyone know the final answer here? Do I have to just pay for a private health policy for all my family? My employer doesn't provide it, so is it that there is no health cover other than private medical insurance? If so, as a french resident, am I able to insure with the likes of BUPA (UK) on an international policy? It seems to be working out the best priced policy; however, someone told me that BUPA may not be a recognised insurer in Switzerland. If anyone can enlighten me as to the best route to take it will remove much frustration in finding the right answer! Many thanks Jason

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A friend of mine is renting at the moment, but he is considering buying an apartment in France. As he works for the UN and thus does not pay income tax. Does he need to pay any tax (including income tax) after he moves into the apartment? Also does he need to pay tax when he sells the apartment in a few years time? Any information will be hight appreciated.

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