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Hi there, can I ask if anyone can advise us about our legal requirement in relation to the following? We relocated to Geneva in March 2009, and as such our worldly possessions came with us. All items were cleared through the customs channels. We will soon be moving from Geneva across the border into France to our own property; only a km further along the road, but different postal code!! Do we have to manifest everything like we did to clear customs entering Switzerland? Will we be charged tax on all our possessions when we move back into the EU? WE came over from the UK, which is where all our things have come from. I know that re-registering our Suisse registered vehicles will incur costs, but I don't know what is expected of the rest of our goods. Any help/advise you can give would be very gratefully received! Thanks

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To all U.E Country members, is there any agreement between all members, that if you are registered builders in your country i.e., UK, Italy, etc. can you used your builder license in other E.U. country. thanks

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HI, I just received a doctor's bill , and what I find out , that on the detailed bill , they put so much stuff up there ,the half from it ,did not happen, but they are charging me for it . MY Question is : Is there somebody or an agency who can help me with this? pieter

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Hi, I'm a freelance writer, living in France. I've just completed a job for a Geneva-based company and assume that there is no need to charge TVA. Is there something I need to add to my invoice, i.e: Exonération de TVA article 259B du CGI If someone could advise, that would be great. Thanks, JW

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There has been some recent changes by UK Inland Revenue (HMRC) to UK pension regulations which affect every British expat living in France.This has provided an opportunity for British expats to take advantage of these changes for the benefit of themselves and their families, both now and in the future.In order to benefit from these changes expats in France have to take action as soon as possible as they are only available on request.We have created a simple to undertstand FREE guide that will explain both the changes and the benefits to British expats as well as the steps that need to be taken in order to benefit from the new regulations.This affects individuals who are currently recieving pension benefits and those who have pensions they have not yet drawn down.The new benefits can be obtained from all types of pensions includingAVC'soccupational pensions from previous employment,personal private pensions,executive pensions.SERPSFor the free guide simply email a request tofreepensionguide@gmail.com

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We would like to buy a small holiday property in Switzerland, we live and pay taxes in England. I am Swiss. I have been trying to get some info regards taxes but to no avail (I have just been sent from pillar to post with the answer, every Canton is different), is there something similar to Council tax or Tax d'habitation and fonciere? I know every Kanton is different, but I would be grateful if somebody who has already got a Holiday Home in Switzerland could tell me (very approximate) how much they pay in taxes for their holiday property. Thank you very much in advance.

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Just discovered that there is a lot of fine print in Auto insurance policies that restrict when you can cancel a policy. I have heard however that if one turns in their car plates for new ones the policy is automatically cancelled. Anyone have any experience with this or suggestions? Thanks

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Does anyone have any experience of working as a Frontalier and also as a Swiss resident and can comment or do you know of a reliable person to advise on tax. The question is would it be cheaper for tax purposes to live and work in Switzerland as a one child family, currently we live in France and I travel over everyday. What would be the situation for a B permit or a C permit or does it not change? Schooling, any thoughts on this for France and Switzerland? With thanks Gwen Collins-Grieve

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Hi my daughter is an english hairdresser and is want to to set up a freelance buisness We live near Geneve but in France What does she need to do to set up in buisness ?

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hi, everybody I am form hungary .i would like to ask u about the salary for general worker in switzerland.if you all know about it , help me some information. thank you so much .

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I am new to Geneva and would like to start a personal trainer business that would be available to both those in Geneva and close by in France. Has anyone started an in home business that would be willing to give me advice on the legal aspects of starting such a business in Geneva? I would be interested in those who may offer services such as massage therapy, nanny, house sitter or pet sitter that were started up in Geneva. This would give me some basic guidelines on how to get started.

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I need assistance in setting myself up to work independently in Geneva. Anyone with the expertise to advise me on how to set this up, forms to submit, things to know, fees involved, etc? What are considerations between setting up a sole proprietorship vs being independent?

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I Just need various opinions on this one, is a gross annual salary of CHF170,000 plus bonus + rent + private school allowence considered to be a good salary. Myself and family (wife + 2 kids) will be living on the canton of Vaud Thanks

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I started a job in the Vaud area a couple of months ago and signed a rental contract for an apartment also in Vaud - taking up tenancy on July 1st. Everything was going well until my new company started to make people redundant, 3 or 4 people have been asked to leave in the last month. I'm still in my 3 month probation period so there is a chance (I hope a very slim chance!) that I could be asked to leave at the end of June. So, what can I do about the rental agreement? It stipulates a 3 month notice period but are there rules about losing one's job or cancelling the agreement before taking up residency? I'm sure the owner will find another tenant - it's in a good spot and has a private garden, but i just would like to be certain of the legal aspects... Thanks for all advice....

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My Girlfriend has got a job in Geneva and has all the relevant permits etc. I work from home for a UK based non-profit company in London. I am a British Citizen. I want to continue to work for my company by simpley relocate and do my home based working from Geneva. I have consulted all the documents on the FOM website, but am still unsure what to do. Do I count as someone without gainful employmeny (because i have no Swiss employer?) If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated! Kindest regards, Adam

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Hi I wanted to know if someone can help me. I have a home in nice france which i have had for 8 years. I just moved to switzerland just 2 years ago with my contracting I.T Job, and am currently domicile and have paid tax in zurich for 2 years. I would like to sell my property in france but the tax on the sale is now 33% on gain because of my domicile. France considers Switzerland outside of the EU. this is just too much for me to consider loosing and runs into a very large amount.For the previous years I was based in Germany on french property after 6 years the tax drops from 16% to 11% if you are based in any other EU country. what can I do how can I handle this.I thought about moving to the other side of the french border de-registering in switzerland and setting up my contracts there whilst commuting to switzerland on the train daily and working from home sometimes. But I suppose this causes some complications.For accountants this seems an impossible question and I cant get good advice only depends depends, risk.....If I have a french residents pass then i pay 0 tax. I would like to preserve my swiss job and setup some kind of structure that will enable me to sell my property with limited tax loss.If anyone has some ideas I would be really greatful.Paul W.

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Hello. I am an internationally recognized Montessori Elementary native English speaker moving to the Lausanne area and have all of my own materials. I would like to give private lessons but I do not have a work visa, does anyone know what I can do? My husband will be working so I will have a visa but one I'm not able to work. I am a French resident but I do not have EU citizenship; does this make it any easier? Thank you for your help.

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Hi - looking for a recommendation for a Swiss Private Bank that will work with American citizens. Ideally one that can provide pension planning and tax advice as well as an international investing platform. I know UBS is not taking American clients. Has anyone worked with Pictet or LODH?

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Our nanny wants to rent her own apartment and has asked us to be the guarantor for her. She said she will take care of the financial, we just have to sign the contract as a guarantor. What does that mean for us? What would be the implication if we would to help her? She is really nice and we have trust her with our son and our house, but we don't know what does it mean legally? Any advice on this matter would greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sunshine Enjoy,

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Hi,I have just been hired to work in Geneva and qsked for the following documents i have the extrait du casier judiciaire police certificate but the attestation de l'office des poursuitesi cannot find where to get it i am from canada with EU passport can anyone help

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